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***** Ganache Patisserie & Cafe is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 255 reviews!

  • *****

    Such an amazing place, my Little brother invited me here and it was outstanding. Love the food very much and the drinks are amazing, everything was very fresh. The staff were all amazing, very friendly and kind, and explained everything to me. Came around 10:30 pm on a Saturday and it was very nice to see how clean everything was and how fresh the restaurant smelled. There is street parking as well as underground parking. They have lots of deserts and the cakes are to die for. I had the # 9 the chicken Pasta wow!! It was by far the best ever, make sure to get it super spicy.

    I really appreciate this place. I really love it can't wait to come back again.

    Thank you to my server Jason. Such an awesome young man.

    Note To Management: You guys are awesome, thank you for your amazing staff and for training them so well.
    Really am excited to return.

  • *****

    Love the sausage pasta, very garlicky!!
    The spicy Japanese seafood was a bit bland. I wouldnt recommend it.
    If you're a Fivestar member you get a free dessert on your birthday with a purchase of $10 min.
    The Ube lava cake was really good, moist and the ice cream just balanced it out.
    Your meal comes a free drink, however this is the first place where they don't offer you water. Instead you select one of their drinks from the menu. Im ok with that too. :)

    ** Tip, this place does get pack and the prep time is long. I suggest you order in advance.***

  • *****

    I'm a greedy hungry troll who loves truffle.... So I tried the truffle scallop pasta... Truffle is my favorite guilty pleasure and this dish did not disappoint me. I only wished their portions were larger. I also ordered their garlic bread.

    Hey.. if you're watching your calories then this place isn't for you. From their sinfully delightful lava cakes to their pasta or risotto dishes.. Every bite is loaded with a lot of taste (and carbs!) But if you're there for the joy of food... then this little hole in the wall restaurant will not disappoint you, except hurt your wallet a bit!

  • *****

    Incredible tasting desserts and unique selection. We tried the ube lava cake and it was delicious along with the jasmine milk tea. They also brought us a little bear looking cookie because we ordered a hot drink and that was AMAZING. there's only one thing that's stopping me from giving 5 stars and that's price. Unfortunately it's just too much to pay $20 for one drink and a small lava cake. Otherwise, I highly recommend this place!

  • *****

    They made an awesone custom cake for our friend's birthday. Chef is such an artist!!! I will have to say, it cost us more than we expected, but it was worth it every penny.

  • *****

    The desserts are good here! The 4 of us ordered the green tea lava cake, apple crisps, dark chocolate cake, 12 pc bite size little men cake, plant royal milk tea, and a pumpkin latte.

    My latte came super hot how I like it! However due to the poor design of the slanted cup, lots of the liquid spilled out which was a waste! The green tea lava cake, apple crisps, and the chocolate all were served with ice cream and delicious. I was surprise how tasty the bite size little men cake were too. Crispy outside and soft on the inside. They smell sooo good and all 12 were gone in seconds because you gotta eat while it's still warm. One bite size men also came with my latte.

    The one star was knocked off was due to lack of service. Our waitress seems very disinterested in everything and gave an attitude like we interrupted her nap. Hope to try the souffle pancake on the next visit.

  • *****

    My boyfriend and I tried their Spicy Japanese Miso Clam Pasta and Japanese Miso Meatball Pasta. The flavor was interestingly good! The sauce is very light but very flavorful. We both stayed on the mild spicy side and the heat was just enough. If you like spicy food and can handle the spice, they have spice levels with Ghost peppers and a level above that called "Bomb".

    We orders the Japanese souffl pancakes for dessert and it was so filling! The caramelized bananas were perfectly made. Definitely recommend ordering it!

    I've been here before with my girlfriends and we all got the lava cakes. SO GOOD! We also ordered the bite sized cakes as well. I recommend dipping the cake in the lava cake filling

  • *****

    This is a nice little place for award winning baker delights. Their chocolate lava cake is great. The cappuccino is the best we have had around the area. Their pastas are unique and taste like they are home cooked. The place is small but nice with good dinner and desserts.

  • *****

    If you love a good molten lava cake then this place is a must for you. Came here after drooling over photos of the molten lava cakes. We order the green tea and a black sesame. Wow!!! I was so impressed withe the flavors and the texture!! They created the perfect molten lava cake. I will be back to try their other flavors. Not sure about their food as we went there just for dessert. Parking is a breeze since there is the lot in the back.
    Highly recommend this place for their molten lava cake!

  • *****


    WKNDR (Weekender) is on social media like business insider for their Japanese Souffle Pancakes, except its dry. I was here on a Tuesday.

    Ganache is 10 times better, with slightly egg taste (when I had them in Japan, they did not have that egg taste) The pancakes were very fluffy and jiggly! (SEE IG) and tastes amazing

  • *****

    Excellent service and excellent food! The garlic pasta was amazing! My family and I loved the dessert. We ordered the fluffy cheesecake and s'mores lava cake. They were delicious!

  • *****

    I love that this place opens until 12 for some late night desserts ! My favorite is the chocolate lava cake. It's crunchy on the outside and melty on the inside. It also comes out nice and warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and berries on the side. It takes about 10 mins to come out but be patient because it's fresh and worth the wait! The cake is moist and not overly sweet which is perfect for me. Haven't tried the pasta here but based on other reviews it doesn't seem that great. I would stick to what they're known for and it's their ganache.

  • *****

    Ube lava cake and refreshing passion fruit tea are awesome! Worth to try!

    Ube lava cake the taste was so good..crispy from outside, soft in the inside and when u cracked it the inside part still warm. It came with vanilla ice cream and made everything just perfect.

    Refreshing passion fruits tea..this one really refreshed my self. I like the part of the "boba" or like bubble, when u drink it, landed in ur mouth..the bubble will easily pop up not like the real it.

    The ambience, the service all was great.
    The only reason I gave 4stars just because it's kind a overpriced for the dessert. :(

  • *****

    Ganache is one of my favorite dessert places. The menu for desserts is extensive and the service here is always good. This place is never crowded as well so its a great place to catch up with friends or grab a quick dessert. I know they also have lunch items such as pastas, but in my opinion their pastas pale in comparison to their desserts.

    My favorite dessert here would be the lava cake hands down. I've tried a lot of their flavors but so far I like the green tea one best. The lava cake comes out hot and complements the ice cream perfectly. The portion is small but its great as a palate cleanser.
    During this visit I also tried their creme brulee, which is surprisingly good. The portion for this dish is a bit large though in my opinion. I could not finish this myself and after a while it becomes too sweet for my liking. The creme brulee also came with almond brittle. Both of which is great.

    I also got their hot chocolate which was only ok. I've tried it before but during this visit it tasted a bit watery. However it did come with a human shaped butter cookie. The butter cookie was warm, crunchy, buttery, and almost cake like .I know you can order these individually which itself would be great to share.

  • *****

    Really good food. Just wish the seating wasn't so tight. Service was decent.

    Escargot came with a thin layer of mashed potatoes, perfect for pouring the seasoned butter stuck in the escargot shells over, it added another dimension of flavor to the mashed potatoes.

    The pasta for the creamy garlic carbonara was cooked perfectly.

    That Japanese souffl pancakes with carmelized banana was insane. Comes with really good maple syrup, whip cream and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

    Virgin mojito was an excellent palate cleanser, it also helped cut down the richness of what we were eating.

  • *****

    Everything was pretty tasty.....!!!

  • *****

    Dinner here last night was fantastic!! I ordered a classic carbonara, and trust me, it was the best carbonara I've ever had in my life!! I've been to different Italian restaurant but this place beats them all. And I've got a complimentary bite size cake too which was very yummy!! And last thing for sure, their lava cake. A must place when visiting this place!!

  • *****

    It was my first time with my friends. It was girls nite out!! This place was recommended by a friend of mine. Going from sushi dinner and to have these fancy desserts made the gathering more wonderful. Endless conversations and silliness. Back to the desserts: so good.!! We love what we ordered. Black sesame lava and best of all the pancakes souffl. Great for sharing too. Also enjoyed it over a cup of cafe latte hazelnut or glass of ice passion fruit tea. Definitely will be back to try diff type of desserts there. They even got those mini breads that look like gingerbread man. Lol. But it has a little sweet taste to it. Great with your cup of latte

  • *****

    Came here few days ago for a late dinner, tried some appetizers, some pasta and few drinks. The hot chocolate was really good, the chocolate taste is strong and not overly sweet. The sausage and meat ball with garlic bread was good. Unfortunately the two pasta that we ordered were not flavorful enough, maybe they were meant to be lighter in taste we don't know. The ganache cake was really good though. Would recommend if in the area and craving for desserts.

  • *****

    This post is long overdue.
    We came here to try the matcha lava cake. I love matcha, and this place has a good matcha lava cake. It's not too sweet and you can definitely taste the matcha.

  • *****

    The desserts I have tried rates better than some of their pastas. I ordered Japanese Miso Clam pasta and felt the sauce should have had a richer miso flavor. The pasta was al dente, which was just the way I liked it done.
    Japanese pancakes are a delight but only available on Mon. through Sat.

  • *****

    You never get enough for their desserts. I brought all my girlfriends there and everybody loves it. Almost every single dish has its unique flavor. I go there at least twice a month when I want to relax and enjoy good food and dessert. I heard the chef used to work in a five-start restaurant. This is the place that you can enjoy five-star restaurant quality of food ,pay less money and get the best service.

  • *****

    Ordered the Fluffy Cheesecake and my friend had the Purple Yam Lava Cake. Both were delicious. The cheesecake didn't have the same tartness as a traditional cheesecake, but the dehydrated strawberry powder added a slight tartness that really enhanced the overall flavor of the dessert. I wish I had more of the strawberry powder. The Purple Yam Lava Cake was delicious as well. I'm not a huge fan of sweets so it's always nice when desserts are flavorful without being overly sweet. You definitely get the flavor of purple yam in both the cake/lava and the small spooned portion of purple yam paste. For added sweetness/creaminess, the dish comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    I glanced at the food menu, and as a noodle/pasta lover, I am definitely coming back to try one of the many dishes they offer. The pasta dishes seemed to be decently priced, however, the desserts were a bit pricier, close to $10 for most of them. Even so, I felt like the quality of the desserts and the detailed methods they use to create the desserts makes them worth the price.

  • *****

    I only had the chocolate lava cake and it was amazing. It's also a great Instagram moment since the cake actually oozes as soon as you break in -- I would only go there for dessert though. Their food looked average and plenty of dining places around.

  • *****

    The goal of founder was to change the dessert culture in la. They definitely offer innovate and very different dishes from any place in San Gabriel Valley, and this dessert place just has that something extra that most bakeries and cafe in SGV just lacks . I came here for the souffl pancakes. It was pretty good, not as good as the ones from Japan but still really good. It had a hint of lemon that I could do without. So for 9.99 you can get a stack of three fluffy and jiggly pancakes. After skimming their menu I knew I could probably have dinner here as well. They have Japanese, French, and Italian influences. The service was excellent. I would say this is a good place for a date or catching up with your girlfriends, cause it super cute. My friend and I planning to have our next dessert date here.

  • *****

    I came on a random weekday for the sole purpose of checking out their version of the souffle pancake made popular by places like Gram in Japan. I just had the souffle pancakes in Japan back in December, so I was really looking forward to seeing how Ganache matched up to my expectations.

    Upon entering from the back, I asked the waitress, "Are you guys serving the pancakes today?" She looked at me, went away for a moment, and came back with a very enthusiastic, "Yes!"

    Since I came with a friend, we also ordered a noodle dish to share. The noodle dish was better than I expected because I came here thinking that it was just a dessert and drinks place.

    The pancakes came with whipped cream, some syrup in a little cup, vanilla ice cream on top of some cookie crumble, and some fresh, diced strawberries.

    I gave it the good old jiggle test. Not bad.
    Then I cut into it. Pretty consistent with what I remembered.
    Then for the most important part, the taste. The taste was pretty similar to what I remembered from when I had it in Japan.

    Overall, the only difference I really noticed was that the pancakes were thicker, which made the pancakes seem even more impressive.

    The final verdict? I definitely advise anyone who's seen the famous fluffy pancake videos on social media to come to Ganache to check out their take on this dish. If you buy a flight to Japan and try this there, I guarantee you won't taste much of a difference.

    They only serve the Japanese Souffle pancakes Mondays through Thursdays, 6 PM to 11 PM

    I predict that they might run out early on some nights, so you may want to call and check if you go late.

  • *****

    I ordered a meatball pasta at level 50 spicy level which they call GHOST. I can handle pretty spicy stuffs but level 50 is spicy!! I could still handle it no problem but probably won't order again. Hahaha

  • *****

    First time to try their Japanese souffle pancakes and I instantly loved it. We chose the caramelized banana and fresh strawberries toppings for $2.95. The souffle pancake comes with ice cream and whipped cream on the side. The texture and fluffiness is just perfect.

  • *****

    The Ganache Is amazing! This is the best dessert place in LA. They also serve very good pasta and escargot. The place is a little bit small but cozy.

  • *****

    That chocolate dessert Volcano fudge is really good. The food is delicious and different, everything oozes style and care. Great drink and dessert selection too!

  • *****

    We bought two birthday cakes from here. One Minion one, and a Hello Kitty one. The cakes were fantastic. I would easily give them a 9+/10 for the design and total effect. The only drawback is the cakes don't taste that great. They have five or six layers inside. Each layer is with cake/jam and then a harder layer...kind of like hard cream. I guess they do this for the stability of the cake. We ate at a local restaurant...and the waiters all went 'Wow' when they saw the cakes. I posted this on WeChat, and all my friends were astonished with how great it looked. So I highly recommend this place for how the cakes look...but don't be too disappointed if the cakes are that great tasting.

  • *****

    We were in the SGV and wanted desserts after an Un satisfying meal from elsewhere. This area has a lot of waffle and toast desserts but we wanted more French style desserts and stumble upon this place.

    It's a small unsuspecting place with only street parking. They actually have a hugeeeee food, drink, and dessert menu. I do want to try the food on my next visit.

    We got a table for the three of us and ordered three desserts and one drink.
    Mango special molecular: comes with a few toppings. Jelly, popping boba, and lychee foam atop. It was really yummy and fresh. The popping boba definitely adds a nice touch.
    Creme Brle: extremely large! Comes with a side of peanut brittle which is not too sweet and light. Yummy. Creme brle itself was really really average. Skip this item.
    Orange chocolate lava cake: looked really good on the menu. When I cut into it the lava spilled beautifully with something that looked like a raw egg. Turns out that was the orange flavor. It was like a runny overpowering juice. Stick to regular lava cake flavors.
    Cheesecake: they are not lying when they say it's the lightest and fluffiest cheesecake ever. It has the consistency of a foam and isn't dense at all and yet somehow expertly captures the cheesecake flavor. Favorite item by far!

    They for sure know how to present and plate their items and I want to come back and try more desserts. I was disappointed with the lava cake I ordered but maybe I'd like a classic one better.

    The service was very awkward here. They barely greeted us, took us to a table for two when there was three of us, and overall not too friendly.

  • *****

    I have been going to this for more than a year, and me and my family have been consistently impressed.
    The food here is generally really flavorful and high quality. You really can't go wrong here-the menu includes both European and Asian pasta dishes. My personal favorite is the Macanese Curry Pasta, which is very aromatic and full of flavor and has a decent level of spiciness with any spice level. I do, however, also love the BBQ ribs, (which are cooked until even the bones break into powder), the Carbonara, Pesto, and Japanese Miso Pastas as well. The desserts are also full of flavor and are easily a highlight. The lava cakes are all delicious and rich, perfectly complemented with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and the Bite Sized Cookies are flavorful and delicious. The service is generally decent and the atmosphere is very cozy and comfortable.

  • *****

    There's no thirds/halves point, but I would give them 4.5. Their food is really good, the food decor is very simple and elegant, the place itself is very organize. The only thing will be the staffs. They rarely come to pick up our finished plates, so our table was full of bowls and plates. Overall, I definitely recommend this place, I've tried most of their dishes, and they are all top notch. I love their souffl pancakes, but it's only available Mon-Thurs after 5PM, and it's limited time only.

  • *****

    I ordered the Creamy Garlic Chicken Pasta with angel hair and level 1 spice. It was actually pretty good. There was a strong garlic flavor, probably due to the large garlic chips I could see. The creaminess was great also.

    The dish came out pipping hot. Be careful!

    Plating was nice and the dishes come out ready for photo taking.

    The dining room was a bit small so large parties will have to combine tables. 12 people were in our party, it took up almost half the place (inside)

    Bathroom was decent. Pretty clean but not amazing.

    Cold air was blowing down my neck as I was seated on the outside of the large tables. It was a bit uncomfortable but I'm sure the booth sides feel a bit more comfy.

    Parking is a bit tough in this plaza. Shares parking with lots of other places. Wide/lowered cars be careful. Tight spots.

    Give this place a try. I'm not a spicy food person, but there were a ton of options and levels for those that are.

    First time here. I'll come back and try other things

    Menu was a bit overwhelming and busy but looked very nice...liked their dishes.

  • *****

    The dessert menu brought me over for lunch. Saw parts of it online. Excellent menu with pictures. I will go again to try another dessert because I enjoyed the Crispy Apple Tiles. It was a small portion but for me, I felt almost full after eating one of the small portion of the spicy noodles that came with meatballs. I will come by for lunch to eat less and save on my next visit.

  • *****

    Chocolate lava cake was so rich & sweet. It came with some vanilla ice cream on the side & it definitely tasted better eating them together.

    Fluffy Cheesecake was so airy, smooth & creamy. It's a light dessert which is very nice.

    The little cake bites are also a must have. It's warm, sweet & buttery .

  • *****

    You gotte try out pasta and desert here. The dishes have flavor of Taiwanese and Europe. It's definitely awesome for Asian who love European food.
    Creamy Garlic Smokey Salmo Pasta

  • *****

    Location is easy to find of Atlantic Boulevard on the west side of the street just north of Garvey.

    Parking is available in the street and in the structure in the back of the shopping center. Check alternate levels for more parking.

    Environment is modern and cozy (it's a little small).

    Staff knows their stuff and have always been helpful with recommendations.

    Food is an interesting blend of flavors and delicious! We like that there are selections for carnivores, pescatarians and vegetarians. Specialty drinks are delicious but I think their desserts outshine everything else.

    WC is large, spacious & requires a key. One stall for all.

  • *****

    The first time we came wasn't that impressed by their food, however, we decided to give it another shot and that was sooooo impressive. Me and my gf have been here for 5 times within two weeks. Their pastas are sooooo good, let alone the sweeties. It's not a big place, but definitely worth a try. Their service are good, foodies are good and everything good!

  • *****

    Rarely leave a comment. Ppl should try the lava cake, risottos, and pasta here! Definitely will come back here and recommend more friends abt this good place!

  • *****

    Ordered the Creamy Garlic Chicken and Jasmine Green Milk Tea for their lunch special and the pasta came out fresh and delicious!

    I've been here a few times and loved how the they make their Green Milk Tea before. However, my drink today was really bland and watery. Not sure if its because of who made it or they changed their drink.

    Will still come back to try it again but really wish they can make their drink consistent.

  • *****

    Delicious Asian fusion pasta ! Very tasty , light , not sodium or msg madness and amazing dessert ! Great for date night !

  • *****

    We got the tiramisu, even though everything looked so tempting. There aren't enough words to describe how outstanding it tasted. So glad we went in ????

  • *****

    Suuuuuper lugar para tomar in Rico cafecito"??? y pasar un rato muy Ameno en familia"? So Good" ????

  • *****

    Small place but huge flavor experience! The staff here are very friendly!,The desert selection is remarkable! We will definitely come back!

  • *****

    Best place ever!!! Great service and amazing food!! Thanks Eric for always being so friendly and serving the best food ever!!! Favorite place for Black Truffle Scallop Risotto and Black Sesame Lava cake!!!

  • *****

    This place is wonderful..... The fluffy cheesecake is fascinatingly scrumptious. Pasta dishes are much better than the meatballs. The lychee foam drink - could easily be the focus of many obsessions. Anything with garlic, cream and bacon in the description gets me to try it - being well executed and well balanced gets me to get it again. And I have and will continue to do so. My only dear wish is if certain savory items could be "express" for those of us with a 1 hour lunch but who love Ganache Patisserie. Oh yeah.....and their coffee...........and the little people cookies...... Oh, but then again, I just have to go back to the fluffy cheesecake which was my spectacular introduction to this charming place. Definitely a fan - an no complaints....just a fervent wish of an ability to come for lunch! :)

  • *****

    I've been coming here for the past 2 years and I LOVE their scallop black truffle risotto it is soo delicious. And their desserts are very good too.

  • *****

    A very small cafe that serves spaghetti and other deserts. I am not a big fan of spaghetti so I cannot say whether the spaghetti here is exceptionally good of not. However I do order the tomato spaghetti with chicken every time I come here. And the little gingerbread looking pastries!

  • *****

    Loved this little place in the middle of no where!
    We wanted to go next door but it turned out its closed so we ended up going to this place!
    My personal favorite was the hazelnut latte with the mini cakes shaped like people. It was great to dip it in. We got both lava cakes I liked the ube over the chocolate because they were both very rich. There is no wifi and barely parking. But the staff was so sweet. Helped us pick the perfect desserts!

  • *****

    Order the birthday cake for my hubby with my own picture design.
    They do exactly the same like the picture.
    Not only that, the chocolate inside was worth every penny.
    The cake is perfect. Not too sweet that what I like.

  • *****

    This place is located in Mars Plaza, and it has its own parking. I always visit this place for lava cake. The chef is so talented as he always comes up with different lava cake flavors all the time, such as green tea, purple yam, and sesame. But the original lava cake, which is the chocolate lava cake is still my favorite. It comes with an ice cream and some marinated strawberries and berries. The sides go well with the chocolate lava cake. This place serves pasta too. The flavor of the pasta is very rich, and it makes you feel full easily. Although the portion looks small, I can't finish it.

  • *****

    This place is located in Mars Plaza, and it has its own parking. I always visit this place for lava cake. The chef is so talented as he always comes up with different lava cake flavors all the time, such as green tea, purple yum, and sesame. But the original lava cake, which is the chocolate lava cake is still my favorite. It comes with an ice cream and some marinated strawberries and berries. The sides go well with the chocolate lava cake. This place serves pasta too. The flavor of the pasta is very rich, and it makes you feel full easily. Although the portion looks small, I can't finish it.

  • *****

    Great dessert with a good balance between sweet and savory! I tried the red velvet lava cake, which was pretty good in my opinion. However, this place does lose one star for being so pricey.. Roughly $10 for a pretty small cake, but I guess you pay for aesthetics and taste. The cake also took about 15 minutes to come out, however, in their defense, they did warn us prior to inputting our order. Overall, I probably would come again to try one of the other lava cakes.

  • *****

    The green tea lava cake was oozing with green tea goodness. It had great matcha flavor. The cake with the ice cream was the perfect bite. My friends ordered the mint chip and rasberry lava cake too. They were both delicious as well, but the green tea was definitely my favorite.

  • *****

    Tried this place for lunch and wasn't expecting much since it looked like a desert place but they were serving lunch, pasta of all things. I got the pesto seafood paradise and it was more like a creamy pesto, more on the garlic side but I do like garlic. The seafood was cooked nicely, wasn't rubbery like most seafood places. My wife got the applewood smoked salmon pasta and it had a creamy salmon sauce. If you like lox, the sauce reminded me of that. I had to sneak a taste too. The only thing I would like is a larger portion but that is just me.

  • *****

    Great place for dessert!

    Despite that the name of the place may imply that it is French- it's actually not. It's a Hong Kong style dessert shop/cafe. Seriously, seems like the place was taken straight out of a TVB drama. You've got the cutesy plated desserts, the lattes, the "pasta" dishes, and unique plates, cups, and boldly colored interior.

    The writing on the wall (Not joking bruh. They really do have writing on the wall. There's this entire section of wall with the two owners' biography written on it lol) says the owners Nicol (is his full name Nicolas?) and Kris were pastry chefs who have worked at dessert kitchens in several premiere Hong Kong hotels. They have also won competitions for some of their desserts.

    The menu has evolved over the years to include several variations on their classic lava cake. I usually stick with their original desserts such as the chocolate lava cake, creme brle, apple tiles, and hot chocolate. Supposedly their chocolate desserts are made with Valrhona chocolate.

    The chocolate lava cake here is great- not too sweet, not too dense, and just chocolatey enough. I feel like the lava cake would be best served alone. It is served with mixed berry compote and a scoop of what tastes like Dreyer's strawberry ice cream. I have also had the raspberry lava cake, which was delicious, but I feel like lava cake tastes best when it's dark chocolate lava flowing all over the plate :).

    The creme brle used to be my favorite here- the vanilla game used to be much stronger. The caramelized sugar on top is always perfect here, though the custard itself these days is often hit or miss. These days, the vanilla flavor is markedly less pronounced. For the price, I would rather enjoy my creme brle at Le Petit Paris in downtown.

    The apple tiles are always perfect. The flaky pastry with the thinly sliced apples on top are perfectly sweet, with just a tiny hint of cinnamon and drizzled with vanilla flavored condensed milk and sliced almonds. This is also the kind of dessert that would be asian mom approved. It has the fruit, it has the nuts, and is not too sweet. I can see that it could be a little too mild for more westernized tastebuds though.

    Their hot chocolate is kind of a novelty item, since they place a thin flower shaped slice of Valrhona dark chocolate (55%, I think) over a cup of hot steamed milk. They instruct diners to slowly slip the milk while the chocolate melts rather than trying to stir it in. When you drink the hot chocolate this way, the beverage takes on different dimensions. It becomes markedly more chocolatey at the end; though if the weather is cold, the chocolate doesn't melt all the way and lumps at the bottom of the cup when you are finished with the milk. For me, the hot chocolate is mainly just a way for me to enjoy the Valrhona. If you are into a serious cup of rich hot chocolate, this may not be the right choice for you.

    Their famed Dark Chocolate Truffle cake apparently won them an international dessert award. The plating is nice, but honestly, it is nothing more than a dark chocolate mousse over sponge cake with ganache over the top. Apparently it has 7 layers, but the three main ones that stand out are just the mousse, sponge cake, and ganache. It is also served with a spoonful of whipped cream, which I never actually use, and garnished with thin cookie pieces. There is also a small pile of crushed graham crackers on the plate which don't really complement the flavors of the cake.

    They also have seasonal selections that are not on the regular menu, but appear in their glass case on occasion. These would include the Bailey's Cocoa cheesecake and mango cheesecake. The "cheesecakes" here do not have much cream cheese but take on more of a mousse texture. Great for asian palates, but not quite a true "cheesecake." The mango is fine, I had it a couple of times. The Bailey's cocoa cheesecake tasted stale to me, so I sent it back.

    They have mediocre blueberry and New York cheesecake slices in the glass case- both of which could use more vanilla flavoring. You definitely taste the zip of the cream cheese, but it is missing a bit of warmth that could easily be compensated for with a small dash of vanilla. Coffee here is always great- can't go wrong with their hazelnut or vanilla lattes. They also have these lattes that are milk based drinks. Some of the cool flavors are taro and sweet potato.

    They offer a vast array of "pasta" selections for lunch and dinner though I wouldn't recommend them. They use mainly angel hair and have a wide variety of sauces to choose from. The "pesto" dishes are a cream based basil sauce, not true pestl. Marinara is also way too sweet. I'd focus on dessert only.

    Service is attentive (Colleen's awesome!) Though I once had a server try to correct my pronunciation of latte -_- her accent on the was totes incorrect..

    Great place to extend a date if you and your hottie want to continue the conversation after dinner ;).

  • *****

    Found a new dessert place in Monterey Park. (I guess it is only new to me...since they have been around since 2012. The place is called ""I would translate it to "bleeding heart." It is actually in reference to their signature dessert, lava cake. Next time will try the black sesame lava cake. I diverge ...) It is beautifully displayed and delicious. So excited that I forgot to take a photo of my other dessert, Apple Tile. Since it is a very small place, they moved us to a smaller table. But, we were rewarded with the little bite-sized cake shaped like a little man. Can you see it? Very cute and tasty treat.

  • *****

    The garlic creamy pasta was really good... The garlic it self is very strong . we also ordered the ube Lava cake, it was just ok and a little tasteless ... but the apple pie is die for!! Is crispy and not very sweet.. is perfect !
    We will definitely come back for the pasta cause is very tasty !!

  • *****

    Service: Great!
    They would ask you if you wanted any more drinks and all.
    Food: extremely delicious.
    My friends love their escargot but I always go there for their desserts such as match lava cake and the mini size bites.
    Atmosphere: calm and comfortable
    Price: Reasonable!

    Conclusion: extremely worth it! Must go and try!

  • *****

    Their desserts are delicious! OMG This place is def a hidden gem among the typical bakeries and asian dessert places around this area.

    I even tried their escargot which I enjoyed. I will def try their pasta next time.

  • *****

    michelin 3 stars chef from Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong!

  • *****

    I invited my friends to the restaurant to try the food at Ganache for the first time. As expected the food awesome along with courteous service. It is like purchasing gourmet food at fast food pricing.

  • *****

    the latte was really good and the service was nice, the waitress was very attentive and the boss was very nice, stayed there late with friends and he was trying some new dishes and he offered us if we wanted a taste, that was very sweet, definitely come back and going to recommend it to my sister and friends.

  • *****

    little pricey, but definitely some yummy stuff... and they have the cutest cakes and make the cutest hello kitty cake topper. got one done for my friend for her bday and she is in love!

  • *****

    signature hot chocolate with thin layer of dark chocolate on top + cake accompany with the drink = cheap+perfect combination.

  • *****

    I LOVE this place. Everything is sooo fancy. Feels like you're in some luxurious places. Love it! It has great customer sever. Barely can find some places with good customer service nowadays. It's kind of expensive but it's worth it. Try their signature dishes (hot chocolate, apple pie). I love their creme burlee and taro latte. I don't really like taro but my friend said it was good so I gave it a try. I have to say it's really good. It's make with real taro. It is a great place to catch up with friends. RECOMMENDED!!

  • *****

    Love the champagne jello, sad that the jello portion got a little smaller. My friend and I are jello lovers so we will be coming back for that. Please serve more jello! Love...

  • *****

    I will recommend this place to each and every one of my friends, great food, great service, unbelievably reminds me of what Hong Kong food and dessert should be like. Okay, let's face it, the store isn't in the best location, with zero advertising but still have a lot of referring customers the food won't be that bad, yes, it is a bit pricey but then hey it definitely worth every penny you spend in this store. Moment of truth, 5 STARS!!

  • *****

    I didn't get anything here but the desserts my friends got looked really good. The attention to detail to the drinks and desserts is really impressive. The workers will spend the extra time to tell you about how to drink or eat the dessert.

  • *****

    I really like their friendly service, especially one of the girl servers that made my drink. It was my first time and I asked her what she recommended and she was very patient. There are very few dessert places around SGV, so this place looked unique. I came to order drinks but next time definitely will come back for their apple dessert. The cakes on display looked so cute too, one was a angry bird cake.

  • *****

    that a place like this even exists in a community where shaved ice and boba are the only kinds of dessert you can find within a 4 mile radius is so great to me.
    sometimes you want cake for dessert, not waffles or boba, but you don't want to travel far, and this place will satiate your craving for a more european/american dessert after a really asian dinner.

    this store is located in the same plaza as half n half so its easy to find

    we got the french ganache chocolate cake and cheesecake.

    note that not all of their desserts are on the menu. some are in the display case by the entrance. and you have to purchase at least $5/person of stuff.

    anyway i liked the chocolate cake. presentation was nice as well. it tasted fresh and wasn't overly sweet.

    however the cheesecake was quite disappointing. it wasn't the light, airy type of cheesecake found in asian bakeries or the smooth, rich, decadent type found in american bakeries. it was dry, crumbly and dense. i would not get the cheesecake here.

    but i'd definitely come back to try the other items in their display case. hope this place stays around for a while!

  • *****

    This is a great new cafe! Great atmosphere, great menu, great staff. This is not the usual cafe around the area. Ganache is unique in every way. I love a great desert, drink and hangout after a good meal, and this place has it all. This place stays open late. If you can't decide what to get, I suggest starting with the Crispy Apple desert. You can see and taste all of the love they put into making their yummy creations.

  • *****

    I am so happy that this place finally opened. They are a really nice classy place to go for dessert with friends. They are not at all expensive and the presentation and quality is first class. The staff is very nice, even to large groups of young people. If you order the creme brule (and I suggest you do), they torch it beautifully right at your table. YUM!! I will be here often.

  • *****

    Very good deserve place that worth to visit if u want sweets!! Cute atmosphere, beautiful and tasty desert, very nice service as well!! Highly recommend the crispy apple tart, you will be amazed!! Cute place to bring a date! :D

  • *****

    Their signature dishes are really good (especially the apple pie). The royal milk tea is good too.

  • *****

    I've been here multiple times and always have a great experience. I've been disappointed in some things but that was me more wanting to try something new. Since I don't like coffee getting a latte wasn't the best idea, it was good, plus it came with a delicious cookie that always tempts me into wanting to buy the dozen. But I mainly enjoy the cookie as I don't like the taste of coffee or espresso.

    Went to celebrate a friend's birthday on the second, she loved everything about it. The lava cake was rich and chocolaty.

    Her boyfriend had the cheese cake or chocolate truffle. He loved it although he wasn't sure what the white stuff on the spoon was, some type of cream? We never thought to ask.

    We were there awhile and they never tried to rush us like some places will do when they start having a line waiting. The servers were vary attentive.

    The head chef made some recommendations and I mention I was interested in the tropical tea he gave us a description. I was sad when I realized I couldn't order it since I have a mild allergy to one of the ingredients. At most restaurants they use a pre-made syrup not here he immediately said it's not a problem he could make it with out that specific ingredient. It was delicious. With chunks of fruit.

    We are already looking for another reason to visit

  • *****

    Been here are few times and each time I was pleasantly happy with every item we ordered. Prices are a little pricey but for the techniques that they use in preparing the desserts a little splurge now and then is ok. I enjoy Ganache because it is close to my mom's place so each time I visit I can easily drop by for a little treat. Some of my faves are: the hot jasmine green tea latte, hazelnut lattes, chocolate truffle cake, apple tile, hot chocolate, shakes, and frozen air dark chocolate. When you order their hot drinks they are accompanied with a little baked treat. For the occasional treat come here.

  • *****

    My SIL took me here because we both have a sweet tooth! It was our first time! I ordered the taro latte with tiramisu and she ordered the pumpkin latte and mango cake! We both fell in love with my order but hers was meh...we somehow thought the pumpkin latte would taste like pumpkin pie...:( it was very bland....then we ordered the sea salt cake WOW! Amazing! Thank you for recommending that Ms. Sales associate!! Didn't get her name...sorry!! I gotta try their pasta next time with the chocolate air...:) this was back in April 2013...

  • *****

    even my friend from belgian said this spot was good! that's all you need to know. he lives on chocolate, beer and pastries.

    monterey park got it all!

  • *****

    This place is by far one of the most unique places I tried. Looks like a hong kong cafe with a simple menu but their food taste like them italian restaurant. I tried their Chicken Pesto Linquine and my sister tried their salmon linquine..was very savory and delicious. And to top that off the chef stated that their best on the menu were their dessert. So we had to try it. Only if I had more room in the stomach....definitely will come back.

  • *****

    The best dessert place in Monterey Park. High end desserts for great pricing. Molecular gastronomy desserts in an Asian location, next to where I live? That is the coolest thing that could ever happen.

    Everything on the menu is good and I mean it!

    I've been here about 10 times since it has opened.

    Things to order:

    Dozen Little People
    Tropical Fruit Tea - Hot (BEST FRUIT TEA EVER - natural tasting and not overly sweet)
    Apple Pie
    Chocolate Air
    Chocolate Molten Cake

    You won't regret going here. It's amazing!

  • *****

    French quality, French food at amazing prices period. I had an amazing experience here. I ordered the smokehouse pork ribs, garlic chicken pasta, and the truffle scallop pasta - omg, AMAZING! The pork ribs were so tender, the meat just fell of the bone. As for the pasta, the sauce was noticeably house-made, smooth and creamy. Since this place is located right smack in the middle of Monterey Park, it can easily be misconceived as "just another fake French Bakery/Restaurant." The chef in this kitchen comes from the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Ganache is a jewel of Monterey Park. I will be returning for more - and soon.

  • *****

    This place deserves a five stars for their excellent customer service and food. We came here to try some sweet dessert, but decided to just order one cake for three people to share. The waitress was super nice and friendly. She did not give a hard time or attitude about getting us three plates and spoons to share. She even asked if we wanted hot or cold water. That was impressive. We had the Bailey chocolate cake. It was beautifully presented and not overly sweet or dry. It was good. We will definitely patronize this place again for their excellent food and service .

  • *****

    Very pleased with this cafe , serendipitous ! we were actually on route to another restaurant a couple of doors down when we came across Ganache, very aromatic at first entrance. Ordered Pesto chicken Pasta, Italian meat spaghetti a side of garlic Bread and didn't really have room for the dessert an amazing chocolate truffle cake we consumed, but glad we ate it.Food was excellent tasted of flavor,Being a french restaurant they did Italian well and kicked mostly all of the Italian places in the area in the butt. The chef himself came out and was addressing customers he was gracious and very down to earth.very pleased with the meal, attentiveness to detail did not go unnoticed time spent :)

  • *****

    Been in mont pk for 30 years and I'm glad we finally have places like ganache. Had the cake bites and chocolate lava cake. Cake bites were sooo tasty and addicting. Like buttery soft madelines (but shaped like little gingerbread men). The chocolate lava cake is a dream. Not disgustingly sweet. I would recommend this place to try. May be back but prices too expensive. Paid $34 for a hot chocolate, coffee, cake bites and chocolate cake.

  • *****

    I love this place. Food is on point. Drinks are amazing. It is a tad pric, but for good food I do not mind!

  • *****

    great desserts OMG finally something worthwhile close to home! They have the best desserts. Yes they are pricey but who cares the gas I would spend driving to desserts of this quality I am actually saving.

  • *****

    Chefs put a lot of thoughts in his/her products -- outcome, in my opinion, is successful.
    Savory dishes are good -- distinct flavor is there. Portion is on the small size but I do not mind at all.
    Desserts are well-made -- nicely-done plating. Flavor is there. Portion is bang-on.
    Located in a Chinese neighborhood, most customers are Chinese -- the younger/hipper/well-off group mostly.
    The service could use some improvement. The girls are not that well trained/professional. But given Ganache is a small caf, that happens.

  • *****

    My experience here was great. We got matcha hot drink. Maybe it was a lat. And the truffle dark chocolate cake. The dessert was amazing. Its kinda moosy and with a chocolate cover. There are so many different flavors and texture which was interesting and great. I normally just like a nice spongy fluffy moist cake, ones you can get from asian bakeries and not a compact moose cake. But theirs was very good. I also really enjoyed the cream on the spoon and flaky thing they put on top of cake. And crumble. Again the variety of flavors and texture is what sets this place apart. Its nice to have an award winning pastry or dessert place in mpk. We don't have to go to a hotel or Vegas to get fancy dessert. Its pretty expensive though but once in a while I guess people can indulge in a Lil taste of Paris in mpk.

    I liked how the matcha lat is not too sweet. It really complemented the dessert. Even their water tastes great. Kinda minty or lemony.

    I didn't like the atmosphere though. Loud teens.and even the older crowd were kinda loud as well. Service was good until it got busy. Had to ask for my bill like two or three times. I can't blame the girl though as she was the only worker.

    Will come back because the food and drink were amazing.

  • *****

    pros:nice decor, impressive desserts (we order chocolate lave cake square and chocolate truffle cake), friendly service, wide variety of dessert to choose from. utensils too!

    cons: Utensils were very hard to use, we almost have the urge to bend the shape back. Price range was over average than I usually get dessert in Monterey Park.

  • *****

    Their dark chocolate truffle cake is amazing. All the components work so well together and the dark chocolate ganache is beyond heavenly. I want another slice just thinking about it.

    Just as a head's up...take out orders take longer than you'd think. They don't just pack the dessert in a to-go container and stuff it in a bag. They take their time to put the garnishes in the container as well so the presentation is almost as pretty as it is on plate. Pretty nice touch, if you ask me.

    I'll definitely be back again soon!

  • *****

    First thing I noticed was how nice and accommodating the staff was. They really make sure their customers are satisfied, always checking up on everyone.

    Otherwise, they would have gotten 3 stars from me.

    Royal Iced Tea-Not much flavor, it didn't taste freshly brewed. This is something you can make yourself, you can probably make it better...

    I can't say much else because the tea was all I got.

  • *****

    The spoon was weird l: I felt stupid when I was trying to use it.. Hahah

  • *****

    I really like the desserts here, been here 6 times since the grand opening.
    The hot tropical tea and hot chocolate are great. Not too sweet.
    The little men are my favorite!
    The apple tart is great too.
    Very happy to have stumbled upon such a delectable establishment.

    Keep bringing friends here, no disappointments to date.
    They also sell pasta which I'm dying to try because it smells so good.

    Service is great too.

  • *****

    love love love. everything is smooth, creamy, rich and heaven.
    love how everything is unique looking, creative and beautiful.
    .... i said "love" 5 times. i must love it.

  • *****

    Hidden gem. Dark chocolate truffle cake was delicious and came with a gourmet presentation! Taro latte was made with real ingredients--sweet but not too sweet. Will definitely be coming back!

  • *****

    Love love their dessert. Its a bit pricey than other bakery but they offer different innovate desserts!!! Average dessert price is about $8 but well worth it. Its like you ordered from a fancy restaurant with out having to dress up and in the MP
    area. Ohh yes and the desserts are big enough that you can HAPPILY share with people. Nicol if you are the master pastry chef you are a sweet genius in my book.

    __ Desserts___

    Milk chocolate passion was my favorite so far. They give you a passion fruit syrup that you squirt in your cup so you can have some control over the flavor is guess.... yea for control!!!

    Dark chocolate air was also good. Its a good choice if you just had a heavy meal and you want something light... like air lol.

    And if you don't like chocolate try the apple tile. its also yummy like the other review said it would be.

    __ Drinks____

    Under mocktail I ordered a citrus spritz (i think thats what its called) and it does not pair up that well with chocolate maybe the apply tile but do not order anything chocolate related its make your stomach dance...

    Their latte are good and it pairs nice with chocolate desserts.

    The fruit tea has a strong tea flavor... how i like it... and they give you lots of fruits too... or at least the one i got does...

  • *****

    This bakery/ tea bar is very delicate and I was blown away by its looks and the quality of the food Ganache provides to their customers. Ganache was very impressive overall with their ambience and decor. The prices were fairly exceptional, given their fodd quality and service. Many choices to chose from. Very tempted to try all their drinks!

    This little cafe in 626 best represents the quality of food and service to those who plan to visit this small shop. Of course compared with Phoenix, I would come here. I would rather make herbal tea at home for the fraction of the price versus what phoenix charges (3-4 bucks) per cup. Ganache desserts cannot be replicated, unless you are the master of desserts and delicious drinks! I will be back very very soon!

  • *****

    The pasta and tea here are great taste fresh and delicious . Chocolate lava cake was just ok, but I ordered it to go sometime it's better if it was dine in.

  • *****

    This is a great place to chill with friends and enjoy a peaceful afternoon. I came here twice and so far I like the customer service, the foods and the desert. I have tried the following items:

    1. Hot Taro Latte (Not bad, I could taste the real taro but not super impressing. Maybe it was just hot, I don't really like hot drinks)
    2. Seafood Angel Hair (Loved! I love Angel hairs and I liked that they added some spices to it.
    3. Escargo (5 stars. I loved searching for Escargo but where can you really find good ones. It comes with marsh potato in the bottom)
    4. Chocolate Truffle cakes (Very great and not too sweeten and great look)

    I'll definitely keep coming until I try all of their deserts. Yay!

  • *****

    It is a rather fancy place with extraordinary drinks and pastries in a not-so-fancy part of town.

    Two of my friends and I came for desserts after having dinner in Pasadena. One of my friends has been there several times and the lava cake square is her favorite. I fell in love with their pumpkin latte and their crispy apple tart. The service and response time were surprisingly good. We made plans to return for their pasta already. I believe this is going to be the new place for me to hang out with my bffs.

    If you want to try something new and have some decent service in Monterey Park, this might be a place for you!

  • *****

    Champagne jelly is delicious! Unlike the ordinary jello. In fact, all the desserts are very unique. The creme brulee is finished right in front of you. Finally a nice place to have quality desserts without having to drive to Beverly Hills! Keep up the good work!

  • *****

    I came here again after a year? Once again, this place did not disappoint me! I'm so happy that they added more menu items now.

  • *****

    I don't know why this place only has 3.5 stars. Their desserts are amazing! Comparable to desserts at high end restaurants. Their lattes comes with a cute gingerbread looking

  • *****

    Soooo pricey, but when you're craving sweets and don't mind splurging once in a while, this is your place to be.

    My friend took me here and we had a hard time trying to choose what to get. Everything honestly looked delicious, and I blame the pretty arrangement of the desserts on its plates for that. We both ended up sharing a chocolate lava cake and each getting a white chocolate mocha. The cake was to die for. It was so warm and tasted really great along with the strawberry w/ graham cracker crumb (I believe it was strawberry lol) ice cream. There was also a side of cooked strawberries and strawberry "cavier," which is based off of this molecular concept my friend had to explain to me, because I'm a moron. I'm not a big white chocolate fan but for some reason, the sound of a white chocolate mocha sounded like heaven to me, and it really did taste great. Not too sweet, just the way I like it.

    My only problem is what you have to eat your food with. You're basically given spoons with the handle bent all the way back so they can rest on the table by themselves. Sounds like a cute idea, right? Um, NO. What the hell? LOL. It's like the store decided to bring in some psychokinetic spoon-bender to f**k up all the spoons and make it like hell to eat. If you really want to, save yourself the trouble and bring in your own spoon or something, lmao.

    I like this place enough to come back again, I'll just have to make sure it's not a week when I'm broke. Also, you can only use your card if your order is $20 or more! Just an FYI. Kinda sucks, so make sure to bring cash.

  • *****

    Chocolate Air-
    I see it, I taste it.... but I don't feel it. You literally don't feel anything dissolve in your mouth. Does it even contribute to your caloric intake for the day then?

    Taro Latte-
    My first reaction was "Bleh, this is not fake taro!" because that's what I was expecting to taste. They use real taro here, guys! So be careful with this one... know thy own tastebuds. Do you enjoy real taro? or taro powder? I prefer the latter so probably wouldn't order this again.

    Drinks comes with a cute gingerbread shaped cookie/cake!

    I think this place deserves 4 stars for originality... Fun desserts to share with friends or great spot for a date!

    P.S. They also have food too! Can't provide a review on that yet, or much else. I'll be back =)

  • *****

    This place is wonderful! I love the food, staff and especially desserts!

  • *****

    I have been here twice and I always ask for the Taro Latte and those small cakes and the interior is so dainty!!love it !!

  • *****

    That are some 5 star desserts they offer there. The moment you bite into the cake, the touch and sensation on your tongue is just absolutely amazing! This is not the American sugary sweets that only have sugar and butter. This is probably so far the best dessert cafe around the local area.

  • *****

    They have this annoying rule that for dine in service you have to spend at least $5 a person, so that means you can't just purchase a $4 latte and sit there to chat with a friend. You are basically forced to purchase your $4 latte AND another drink/dessert item so you are allowed to take up some restaurant space there. Not cool...not coool...

    1) Pumpkin latte: caffeine free! I love seasonal pumpkin stuff! This drink would have been REALLY good...but too bad it was overshadowed by the taro latte! That means...pumpkin latte was good...but taro latte was BETTER!
    2) Taro latte: caffeine free! YUMMY!!!! SO GOOD! It's made with REAL taro! I'm starting to develop very fond feelings for taro flavored things and this latte just sealed the deal and consolidated my growing love for taro products even more! It's soo good! I'm drooling just thinking about how that each sip of that taro latte tastes like a wonderful taro sugar wonderland party in my mouth! YUM!
    3) Chocolate/coffee moose cake: Pretty good. The chocolate was perfect! Excellent presentation! I think this deserves 5 stars just for presentation! The taste wasn't far behind either! Loved the sweet crumbled bread crumbs and the crushed pistachio! Very nice touch! Tastes very heavy and light at the same time! I don't know how that was achieved!

    Nice...even though they did implement that mean $5/person for dine in rule. Darn them!

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the decor here! Very strong colors that highlighted the room! The red, the black, the white, the chandeliers all were great accents that complimented each other perfectly! Made it a very upscale and elegant feel to it. In addition, there was a strong smell of sweet sweet butter that just made the whole cafe very pleasant to be in.

    Latte's were decently priced. The desserts were a little more expensive, but definitely worth it given the taste and the presentation!

    I REALLY want to come back for the taro latte!! And I wouldn't find trying other desserts from here either!

  • *****

    I've only been here once for their desserts and it was really good. Definitely fancier than expected. Some molecular desserts like strawberry caviar were on the menu.

    -Creme brule: they torched the sugar topping table side so that was a plus. It also came with some sort of melon/fruit and hazelnut mix on the side and a hazelnut sauce. I'm sure I'm butchering whatever it says on the menu. It had a lot more culinary terms than I can remember. It was really good and creamy. Not too sweet and enough to share.
    -Apple crisp: I got the regular size. It came with 4 apple crisps that had almonds. Served a la mode. I like the combination of the crisp and the ice cream.

    -My friend got a dozen of the little men. I'm sure it was called something else on the menu. Like I said before, I'm totally butchering the culinary terms used. They were in the gingerbread cookie men shape but was like a Madeleine. It was okay although it's served warm so it seemed fresh.

    I would definitely come back here and try something else. It's a little pricier than most dessert places but I feel it's appropriate.

  • *****

    My girlfriend brought me here for the very first time and my experience was just "mediocre."

    When I first stepped into this small restaurant, I enjoyed the ambiance and the decorations on the wall and ceiling. You can certainly tell that it is a small dessert place for couples who want to go on a date.

    What made me gave just 4 stars were the prices and the quality of the desserts. I ordered a chocolate lava square cake and it came with raspberry sauce and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream was unique and quite tasty but I didn't really like the chocolate cake as it was too sweet and the texture was a bit too dry. They charged the small piece of cake for 8 dollars which I felt was a bit too pricy for something-not-so-extravagant. I felt that D-Bar in San Diego was definitely better than this place. I just feel that Ganache might be a little over-confident about their desserts.

    My girlfriend got a hot taro latte and we both enjoyed it. The taro latte was actually made with real taro instead of powdered taro which I was very surprised about. Usually Asian restaurants in SGV cheap out their drinks with powder flavors.

    I will come back to try the apple pie since a lot of yelpers are raving about it.

    Overall 4/5.

  • *****

    Honestly, this is a little gem in Monterey Park... that is if you're as big of a dessert aficionado as I am. Okay, I might not know a lot about desserts, but I've eaten heck a lot of it. Dessert is THE course of the meal for me.

    Anyway, I actually have not had any of their drinks, because.. c'mon now. Nicol has won awards for his desserts, so that's where I'll be placing my emphasis.

    My group's favorite:
    Apple crisp - this is a delectably light and crispy dessert. I like how the apples are not overpowered by cinnamon like most American apple desserts. The tartness of the apples combined the crunchy texture of the thin crisps makes for a very unique spin on the classic apple pie.

    Other notables:

    Chocolate lava cake - holy smokes, this was good! Supremely chocolaty, Once you cut into it, there's no stopping the chocolate lava flowing out of its glorious chocolate shell that is slightly hard on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside.

    Chocolate truffle cake - Nicol has won awards for this special number. It was very silky and smooth. Just enough sweetness and not over-the-top at all, so you can enjoy the richness and smoothness of this cake again and again.. until it's done, of course.

    We've also tried the champagne jello? It was good! It's good for those who aren't into very rich and sweet desserts. It has a very distinct taste of champagne. If you're in for a refreshing treat, this might be for you.

    I've also had the clam/miso pasta. It was quite yummy as well. I would order it again, but it's on the pricier side for the size of the dish.

    Down side of restaurant - very limited choices. However, with the quality of desserts they are providing, it really doesn't matter.

  • *****

    Someone mentioned about splurging once in a while? True, this might your once in a while moments. I went with a friend and thought it was rather pricey. That's a downer, but looking at the other reviews, I think this place was rather downplayed.

    I asked the waiter/cashier what she recommended. My friend and I ended up getting a Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake, Dark Chocolate Lava Cake and the Caramel Latte. It was delicious! I thought the Caramel Latte could've been a bit sweeter, but pretty good overall. Both cakes were perfectly sweet. The truffle cake was perfect in texture and sweetness. The lava cake was great too given it's warmness in the first bite.

    Another con I found were the designs of the utensils though. I do agree with other reviewers that it's pretty unique...but definitely not a plus for dining. I couldn't figure out how I should hold it. Pretty odd for dining decor. I think they could've done better in that aspect! Otherwise, all good!

  • *****

    I have been to this place couple times already. couple times went hangout with my girlfirends and twice had lunch here. The lunch menu /special was a bomb. for under $8 you can get a nice salmon pasta with a drink! my favorite was the hot white chocolate mocha! no where else can beat that price for lunch set like that! and since I have been here twice for lunch already, I think the quality of food and drinks are pretty consistent, which is a plus.

    I also love the Taro latte, it was really really good and creamy. They mentioned that they actually made their own taro so that is good to know. make sure you try the hot taro latte and not the cool taro drink because they taste pretty different. the cold one I wasn't too crazy about; it was like mehhh.

    make sure you bring cash if you come by yourself for lunch or even for a party of 2 since they don't take credit card if its under $20 of the total bill. Also they do have the $5 min per person policy which I find it really tricky.

    overall, I think it is a good hangout spot with friends. but make sure you order at least one dessert + drink for everyone to meet their minimum.

  • *****

    I ordered Aglio Seafood Spaghetti, it was excellent. This was my second time here. I absolutely love this dish and Passion Speciality drink.

  • *****

    It was my first time here and I found out about it because my school wrote an article on it for the campus newspaper.

    I really like the decoration. My drink and dessert were delicious and the service wasn't bad coming from a Chinese waitress. (Usually Chinese waiters/waitress are rude and don't understand what you say).

    I guess I have found my favorite dessert place!

  • *****

    We had excellent service and the chocolate lava cake with the strawberry ice cream was to die for! Definitely come back if I'm in the area again!

  • *****

    Oh gosh, heaven on earth. Deserts are so freaking good, love all their cakes, good thing I'm not a big fan of macaroons or ill be spending lots on their minion macaroons..

  • *****

    I really enjoy their pasta, and they have so many options! They have a lunch special Monday-Friday from 11-3 where you get a free drink with an entree. I haven't tried their desserts yet because I'm always full from their pasta. The only downside is it takes a while for the food to come out, but it's always hot so you know it's made fresh. It's a great place to go if you want to catch up with friends you haven't seen in awhile or are craving something different.

  • *****

    This is like a small hidden gem if you love desserts! I honestly never heard of this place until my sister told me how BOMB DOT COM it was! It's in Monterey Park, on Atlantic inside a plaza (not sure what the plaza is called), but it's next to Beard Papas, Half and Half Tea, a vape shop, etc. You know where if you press MAP THIS. Anyway, the parking lot is usually full on the first floor, so you should try the bottom level or the top floor. Or street parking I guess. But WARNING!! The top floor parking spots are super tiny, so if you drive a big car, just watch out and beware. If you have small car, still beware for people who can't drink or park. Just saying!

    Okay back to the foooood there. We ordered some Chocolate cake dessert - delicious I must say. The fork and spoons are a bit weird though. They even offer you water as you sit down. The waitress there was really nice and sweet, definitely patient with us when ordering and didn't pressure us in buying more than what we wanted - well because we ordered ONE dessert for 3 people. We were full before we came in so, don't judge! Another item that I heard about was something air? My sister tried it last time, I don't think it's a good choice - it is what it is... you are eating/drinking air. When it comes to dessert, I want to enjoy what I'm eating. I don't want to rush eating it. They told my sister she needed to eat it fast before the so-called air goes away. Definitely NOT worth the money. I mean I would still give it a 4 star cause my experience there was great and I didn't eat any air. Just wanted to let all my Yelp readers know though - so they don't get tricked into the bad items and only order the delicious, yummy, good items! Good luck trying everything!

  • *****

    the place is kind of small but it has nice decoration . their menu had about like..10 different kinds of dessert choices and all is at least $5. it is kind of expensive but it is worth the try.

    i got the hazelnut praline creme brle pan (7.55+tax) and it was yummy! it comes with a tiny bowl of fruits. someone on yelp said they "finish it in front of you"...but that wasn't true ! they just brought it out to me. i was actually hoping for the show ;(

    my friend got the chocolate lava cake square (7.95+tax) and the chocolate was pretty strong. i think someone who is a big fan of chocolate dessert, would love it alot! it comes with strawberry ice cream and a little bowl of strawberry

    we each got one of their "bite size cake" (95 cent per piece) and it wasnt that special??

    the girl who served the dessert to us, keep asking if it was okay and she was pretty yay :)

  • *****

    I was asked to choose a tea place for my team outing in the Monterey Park area.

    This is the closest thing I found, but my team (with a British director) loved it:"This place is so lovely. I fancy this!"

    We ordered all the desserts on the menu, but none of the cakes in the display windows. I liked them all b/c they were not too sweet. I also ordered a taro latte to go with my desserts and it was also well made.

    One downside about this place is the pricing. It's on the higher end of other food options in the 626 area.

    It would be a good place to spend an afternoon catching up.

  • *****

    This review is for the desserts.

    Ganache is probably the only place within the Monterey Park that sells French desserts. Luckily, they do them well. It's definitely not cheap but the quality is real. We ordered Apple Crisp, Lava Cake, Truffle Cheesecake. The cheesecake is made of mainly chocolate layers, which balanced out the cheesecake. I wished there was a better crumb that bottom for texture. But overall, it nice dessert. The lava cake was small in size but eat this one quickly because you want all that melted chocolate goodness on the inside. But the best was the Apple Crisp. Be sure to eat this one face upside down because it is the toppings that you want for flavor. So that should touch your tongue first then the crispy pastry will provide the great texture afterwards. This also provided nice balance as you chew through it. Overall, Ganache can be a little pricey but it is nice to spoil yourself with something sweet.

  • *****

    So, I've tried the creme brulee and it's just okay. It's more for the gimmick than anything.

    MUST.ORDER.TARO.LATTE. So delicious =d Skip all else! Get the taro latte...mmmmmm

  • *****

    I Only come here for beverages and had green tea lava cake once. I love tea and not a food snob just so you know my stance. I just love the service here, have not been turned down even once. The employees here are so sweet and got a lot of patience for an indecisive customer like me. Love sitting outside at the patio and just watch the city-life.

  • *****

    Fantastic food! The chocolate desserts are amazing!!!! I love the atmosphere!

  • *****

    Our sunday's are always penciled in our time slot with a cappuccino at a local place other then "Starbucks". It's my treat for myself once a week :)
    I found this place on yelp and was lured by the pictures featuring the lighting and the modern furniture they had inside. I really liked the wall, it was nice to see art rather then white walls.

    We sat outside to enjoy of beverage, the furniture outside needed a little TLC and maybe some cushions, flowers and potted plants to make it more inviting.

    The dessert selection was minimal, but we were in it for the capp anyway. My husband ordered the Taro Latte and I ordered the classic cappuccino with soy. They both came in a very modern cup and unique saucer and it was accompanied with a small cake cookie made in the shape of a little person, these were quite delicious. The drinks were good, I've had better capp, but this was satisfactory.

    In the bakery fridge, they had some very unique cakes, chanel purse cake priced at $150, it was literally the size of a small pocket chanel bag. I hope the cake has a chanel treat as well for that price.

  • *****

    Excellent french style dessert

  • *****

    Cute date spot with pretty desserts.

    The only thing I've tried was the Bite Sized Man which is a tiny cake baked to order. It is less than a dollar a man, unless you buy bulk.

    He is buttery, delicious, and warm. It is small, so at a dollar it is pricey, but it is good because they make it to order. Also, they wrap him in a napkin blanket. Aw, how cute.

  • *****

    Big fan of this place. Even after a full meal at Tokyo Shabu, we were able to finish our huge desserts. Came here with a friend after dinner and we ordered Creme brle, citrus sparkling, and a milk chocolate passion. The dessert chef came out and torched the creme brle in front of us. I want my own torch to attempt to make this at home now. The sugar caramelized evenly after a few seconds and after the first bite I was addicted. Just kept on eating even though I was already so full.

    The decor at this place is nice, seating is limited, and the desserts are cute but yummy. Prices were decent and the portion is just right. Will be back to try other desserts.

  • *****

    I've been here twice, both times right after going to the gym. A good sign?

    The first time, I wanted to try a dessert along with a drink. From what I can recall, I got the virgin mojito, which was pretty good considering there was no alcohol in it, and the opera cake. I'm a huge fan of opera cakes, but this one wasn't doing it for me, a little dry and not enough coffee flavoring, but staying true to their name, the ganache was pretty dark and rich.

    The second time, I didn't want to risk the gamble of another cake let down, so I just ordered a sweet potato latte. First thing, 12 oz seems pretty small, and I thought it was probably a bit bigger than a tall size from Starbucks, but I think it was a bit bigger than a grande (I guess I should be more aware of my drink sizes.) The person who made my drink warn me not to drink it too soon, since they did carefully handcraft the drink on the spot, which is always a good thing. Loved the chunks of sweet potato and love the fact it wasn't overly sweet, so you can still get the taste of sweet potato.

    I did notice that they started to add new sit-down lunch items on their menu, which is always a good thing, because not everyone can eat sweets for lunch.

  • *****

    Great great Matcha lava cake. the best (and only) place in town for Matcha lava cake. Truffle spaghetti and garlic bread are amazing too.

  • *****

    Haven't written a review in a while, but since they don't have one yet, and I was extremely impressed with the desserts I ate, I decided to be the first to shower them with praise. The wifey and I just finished dinner and we were going to just go straight home, but I had to pull over for a moment. I ducked into the BofA parking lot, and while doing what I pulled over to do, I thought to the wifey that we needed something sweet to eat. As I said that the wifey says "Look across the street," and we see this big sign that said "Ganache". I quickly fired up Yelp, and there were no reviews, but the pics looked tasty, and it was right across the street.

    Upon getting to the entrance we were greeted by one of the employees who was handing out menus. we walked inside and saw some elegant looking desserts in the display case. While we were looking, we were advised of their signature dish the flaky apple tile. We decided to sit outside and then looked at the menu and placed our order which consisted of the flaky apple tile, a salted caramel cream cup, an iced hazelnut Espresso, and a cappuccino.

    I wasn't sure what to expect, but my eyes were satisfied. Sometimes our eyes get excited, but then our mouth gets angry at our eyes, and then they don't talk to each other the rest of the night. This time, my mouth was very happy. The salted caramel cup came out first, and I patiently waited while the wifey took a picture, and took a taste. She smiled, and handed me the spoon, and then I was smiling. Yummy. It wasn't overly salty, which sometimes you get a dessert with salt in the title, and there is massive chunks of salt. It was just the right blend, and the custard was delicious. The well crafted pieces of chocolate art they used were tasty also. By this time, our drinks came out. Wifeys hazelnut iced coffee was tasty, and my cappuccino was good also. Well made coffees.

    The apple tile showed up a short while later brought out by what appeared to be the pastry chef. I love that she was decked out in full-on chef gear with the cute chef hat. I felt like there was some pro action going on here. I really liked this tart, which is what it basically is. It's nice and flaky, and you are not getting overwhelmed with the apple as they are very thinly sliced. It comes with a scoop of some really tasty vanilla ice cream, and this little cup of custard, which I thought was the best thing I had there. It reminded me of when my mom use to make eclairs when I was a kid, and the custard she stuffed them with tasted just like this. I was very happy, and proceeded to grab the tiny cup and take a sip straight from it. YUM!!!!!

    I can't say enough how friendly the staff was, and even though we were sitting outside, they constantly checked up on us - A+++++ for their great service. I thought I was going to walk away with only a little guilt, but couldn't resist and took to go a truffle cup, and a hazelnut cup. I wonder if they will make it to tomorrow. This was a perfect end to our little dinner date. I am so glad we stopped here.

  • *****

    5 stars for their fascinating creativity in desserts :)

    Really interesting mix of desserts in Ganache. I have tried their famous apple tile, salted caramel & tiramisu mousse cups to the extremely innovative molecular desserts - dark chocolate air.

    I just LOVE everything they served on the plate, so well thought out and aesthetically pleasing. For me it was not just about the desserts, it was an EXPERIENCE! Well, anything with molecular gastronomy is an experience! I can tell the owners spent a lot of time designing each item on the menu from creating the combination to presentation. Also thumbs up for being brave and getting those cool looking coffee cups and utensils! I really admired their vision for creating the most inventive desserts out there!

    The apple tile, was no doubt their specialty item. It was just PERFECT - warm, thin, crispy, with the right amount of sliced apples. Served with a creamy sauce in a mini jar, scope of ice cream over some pie crusts (not 100% sure if it is). The combination was DIVINE and it was the FINEST apple tile I have had!!!

    The dark chocolate air, on the other hand, has its own uniqueness. I feel like this is the type of dessert that will be served at a fine dining restaurant. Lovely presentation! The chocolate air tasted almost like chocolate ice, it was very light and since it is dark chocolate, it has a bitterness to it. It is complimented with a side of raspberries mixed with jelly. Really fancy and I was impressed :)

    Hot sweet potato latte was simply AMAZING. (I am always in the lookout for sweet potato/taro/green tea latte etc. as they only seemed to appear in ktown area) It was also served with a little bread guy, HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!? It goes perfectly well with the latte. I noticed you can also order a dozen of those little guys from the menu :)

    I am actually surprise to see this store opens in MP. I would think it might attract a much bigger crowd if it is out in the West. So, those of you who are not from the neighborhood, you need to make a trip out here!!!

  • *****

    I'm a food fanatic, and honestly, I don't look at prices when it comes to food... especially when food is uniquely created and presented stylishly as they do at Ganache. If you are not like me, and all you care about is getting the best bang for your buck while being served generic food that may or may not look like you could've made it at home, I recommend you go to any other HK cafe for your dessert craving.

    This French-themed, modern, and slightly glammed out patisserie and cafe is quite lovely. It's still brand new, so I don't have to push and shove just to order like I would at its neighbor, Half&Half.

    We ordered two different varieties of milk tea, tropical fruit tea, bite sized cakes, and the Dark Chocolate Air. The teas are flavorful and made with precision (they measure very carefully for every drink!). The bite-sized cakes are basically madeleines shaped as little boys... and they were so so so delicious. I crave for those little buttery cakes of perfection. The air dessert was creative and very good, but I don't crave it. I'm glad I tried it though... definitely a conversation dish.

    I think Ganache is contributing greatly to increasing the standards of quality desserts in the SGV. Snow ice doesn't take much creativity or skill to achieve, but the desserts of Ganache require both to create beautiful, unique, and delicious pieces of art.

    Like I said from the very beginning, if you're a "bang for my buck - I don't give a crap about art and quality" kind of person, you probably won't like this place. I'm not judging you - I just don't want you to, you know, waste your money. Pun intended.

    I'm very happy and impressed that someone had the guts to open this place in the heart of Monterey Park. If I ever have a craving for something sweet and good conversation, I will definitely come here as a closer alternative to DTLA dessert shops and other similar establishments.

  • *****

    The pasta are very good, perfect portion & tastes great. MUST TRY their apple tart.
    I am a big chocolate fan. However, the chocolate truffle cake is kind of disppointed, but it doesn't change my 5 stars rating to this place. I love this place.

  • *****

    Love the signature chocolate lava cake from it. It's good sweet and have the soft hot chocolate filling inside.
    Checking out it's cake displayed at counter, all look very creative and made very cute~! I'll go there more and try out other desserts later!

  • *****

    the green tea lava cake takes around 15 mins to wait, but it's good, worth waiting! will try the pasta for the next time visit

  • *****

    My favorite stop for authentic french desserts and I like the cappuccino dark chocolate

  • *****

    While on my recent visit to LA for a wedding I tried Ganache. I wanted to spend some quality time with the family and felt like something sweet. My sister suggested Ganache because it was nearby. I have to say I was quite impressed.

    I thought the desserts were very delicious. In fact I was quite impressed at some of the techniques used in preparing these desserts. There are not very many places using avant garde (molecular gastronomy) techniques. Aside from Providence and The Bazaar I am not sure of any other places in SoCal. That is not to say that this place can compare, but it was cool to see a relatively affordable place using such techniques.

    We ordered:

    Signature Hot Chocolate: Loved the chocolate placed on top of the cup, which slowly melted into the the drink. The drink was rich and creamy!

    Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake: Yummy. Moist and smooth.

    Chocolate Air: Interesting. Super light....Literally like eating chocolate air!

    There is parking available because it is located in a shopping plaza. Sometimes the plaza can get busy, but they also have additional underground parking.

    While I'm not a huge fan of molecular gastro cooking methods, I actually thought Ganache was quite good. Sometimes too much attention is paid at being gimmicky and trendy, but the food doesn't taste that great. However I thought the desserts were still very good. I think its great that they can offer these desserts at decent prices. People complaining about prices should check out what it cost to eat ate other places using similar techniques.

  • *****

    Came here with my family to have high tea after eating a big lunch. They have that Asian French fusion menu that includes desserts and drinks.

    The desserts are quite unique and my wife really likes those small little butter "ginger" bread men. No gingerbread on that one though. Just sweet buttery bread that looks like the famous cookie desserts.

    The drinks are okay but I would try their original liquor-inspired drinks.

    High tea was good and they are almost never packed. The pricing on the custom cakes is through the moon, but it looks really well made. Just wouldn't be able to afford those cakes so I wish they made if more affordable so that more people would buy. What's the point of offering these beautiful pieces if no one is going to order them you know what I mean?

  • *****

    For almost about a year now that I've always just drove passed this place. Finally had the chance to experience this place. At first, I thought it was just a cafe that mainly served coffee. Then I saw the food menu, then the beautiful pastries and dessert, then the coffee and tea in the back! When we showed up, a couple was just leaving the restaurant. It was pretty much empty for about 20 or so minutes. Right around 9pm, 2 or 3 groups came in about the same time. All of a sudden, the place seem packed. Not sure if it's normally like this.

    The restaurant:
    The contemporary design with a mixture of simple colors and fixtures and it easy on the eyes. I appreciate the little decors that was paced on the wall, but it's only on one side of the wall. The lamps or chandeliers that hung on the ceiling made a nice effect on the wall that was decorated. I like how the place is designed. Looks modern, its clean, and very efficient for a small space like this.

    The goods:
    We ordered 2 lattes, large(It was $3.50 for small, $.50 more for large IIRC). One original, one decaf. Both came out fairly quick and tasted good. I really enjoyed the wavy Coaster they used for the mugs. It is a nice touch. To accompany our coffee, I ordered the Ganache Crispy Apple Tile. On the menu, it definitely did not look as interesting as the cakes. However, I figured it's the signature dish, I figured I would take a chance and try it. Seems like I've made the right decision. It was great with the latte. The tiles were nice and crispy. Vanilla sauce and ice cream really brings it together. Just like how the restaurant made me felt when I first walked in, it was clean and simple. That was $10 for the regular size. Both drinks were reasonably priced. I am sure the pastry was too, if it was in LA. But we're not in LA, so I think it was a bit over priced for the portion. It's probably $1 or $2 too much.

    The service:
    Service was pretty good. Our server was very helpful and courteous. She did make a mistake on the decaf latte, but it was no big deal. Was a little disappointed that there was no internet that night.

    Final thoughts:
    If given the chance, the cute aesthetics and award winning pastries would easily win you over. Just keep in mind that it's not really a bakery, and it's not a coffee shop. It's a place to indulge your sweet tooth. A nice little place for some dessert and drinks. Check out the video that my friend and I have made. It's a better visual presentation for the restaurant. If you like our video, please give us and thumbs up. Subscribe to me on yelp or youtube to see more!

  • *****

    I don't know why no one talks about their lunch special! It's a great deal ~

    -Lunch special Mon - Fri! They have pastas, risotto, BBQ ribs. Not a huge menu, I think there's less than ten items on it.
    -You get a free drink for each food item!
    -Spaghetti and meatballs ($7.99) is very flavorful and the meatballs are so good! The portions seem a bit small, but it's actually quite filling.
    -Each pasta comes with a slice of yummy garlic bread~
    -Carbonara ($7.99) is also pretty good. Can be a little salty and might clump up after a while if you eat slow.
    -Green latte ($3.75 - green bean with milk) is delicious and refreshing. I always order it as my free drink for the lunch special :)

    -Parking came be a pain!
    -They open at 11:30 but once I went at 11:45, and they still weren't open yet :/
    -I found hair in my pasta once, but they were very apologetic and made a new pasta for me immediately.
    -Their tropical fruit tea is...odd lol. It's a weird brown color. Might just be a personal opinion tho.

  • *****

    I had a very specific craving for chocolate lava cake so I typed it in to yelp and here I was!

    Chocolate Lava Cake: satisfied my craving for sure. The hawt chocolate oozed out in slow motion. Oh my gaahhh and it tasted so good!! 5/5

    Apple Tiles: I wanted to like them but they were not my thing. My friend enjoyed it tho. 2/5

    Chocolate Truffle Cake: wins best presentation. This one was very yummy. The Baileys whip cream was a nice touch. 4/5

  • *****

    I came here in X'mas eve with dad. The place is very small but luckily we had a seat right away.

    We ordered French escargot, 2 pastas (chicken and salmon), a latte and chocolate lava cake. The escargot was alright, not as good as I expected. Pasta had small portions, but tasty and filling. We were more than half way full after the pastas, but still tried the dessert.

    Chocolate lava cake was a bomb. I am not sweet eater, never really like dessert. But yes the lava cake was amazing. Strong chocolate favor (not too sweet), the hot melted cocoa inside was like heaven. Make sure to mix the ice cream and the berries when eating the cake; they are perfectly match all together.

    The services are good too. I read some reviews earlier saying the service was bad, maybe they improved afterward. Both waitresses were very friendly.

  • *****

    Ganache is a little more high end than most other dessert/drink places in the 626. I had the sweet potato latte as recommended by the waitress. I love anything sweet potato and the latte definitely warmed me up on a cold night. I expected it to be made with artificial powder but i was shocked to find actual (tiny) chunks of sweet potato in the latte!

    Overall, it's a great place for a date or just catching up with some friends if you're sick of the usual ten ren's, ozero, ftb, etc etc...

  • *****

    I came here with my friends on Saturday morning. For about 30 minutes, we were the only group of customers inside the restaurant. (Sounds like a bad sign, but my experience was actually quite good)

    The Service:
    The waitresses were very attentive, friendly and polite. (BTW, they could understand Cantonese, possible Mandarin as well) They got our orders smoothly, as well as they recommended some of their signature desserts and we gladly took them.

    The Food:
    The pasta dishes were pretty good. Meat and seafood were well seasoned, pasta were cooked to the correct tenderness. The portion of food looked small, but the creamy sauce made the dishes very filling. My cousin ordered pork rib. The dish also looked small, but she said it was very tasty and filling after she finished everything. $9-12 for salty dishes here were reasonable.

    The desserts:
    I must recommend the Apple Tile: layers of crispiness, sweet and sour tastes from the topped slice of apple together with the vanilla sauce and ice cream were wonderfully balanced! I love this dessert so much! However, the price for this dessert was quite expensive. We ordered the 5 pieces plate and that was about $15 I believed (?). I also hope they would serve the dish in either 4 or 6 pieces instead of 3 or 5 pieces, so it will be easier for sharing.

    The lava cake was good too. I would say it was average, but my cousin really loved it. This dessert offered the varieties in savories, tastes, textures and temperatures. My only complain was the strawberry ice cream at the side: the flavor was too artificial, hope they would use better ice-cream in the future.

    1. The curled handle spoons were interesting to look at, but super difficult to use!
    2. The location was pretty easy to find. Plenty of parking spots in the back of the building.

  • *****

    definitely a 5-stars.

    Food never disappoint me. The Grand Gru Chocolate cake is my favourite.

    I also ordered a custom made chocolate cake top, which was perfectly done.

  • *****

    Yes this place might be pricy compare to other in the area but you do get what you pay for. I have eaten at some of the high end restaurant and I always order dessert. Here, their quality is right up there with some of the fancy place but their price is consider reasonable. When my GF and I go out, we usually come here at the end of our night. The place gets pretty busy during evening, mostly I noticed people order dessert but some do order their foods. I might try their food next time.

  • *****

    This place offers very nice looking deserts and drinks. The qualities are definitely above average, and you can tell they really put effort in their art works. I tried their fruity mango drink with some sort of jelly inside, it was delicious. Their apple pop tart looking deserts are very good as well! Dining area is very clean, and service is excellent. The only thing I would say is that this price is a bit too pricey for the foods. You can easily go beyond $50 dollars if you order a couple deserts and drink.

  • *****

    Was in LA for the weekend and had hit up my childhood friend, so we decided to meet up at this dessert place! I also took my brother and 2 of my cousins with me. We came by around 10:30PM on a Saturday night and had to wait about 15 minutes for a table since the place is kind of small. While we were waiting I noticed a lot of really cute cake displays. There were definitely a lot of minion cakes and desserts on display as well. Once we were seated, we started to order. I mainly wanted to come here to try their green tea lava cake as well as one of their pesto dishes. So we ordered one green tea lava cake, one with redbean, the cheesecake, the pesto carbonara, the taro latte, sweet potato latte, hazelnut latte, and two redbean drinks. I sounds like a lot! :P

    When everything arrived, we started to dig in! But first, I wanted to mention that the plating of everything was lovely! Anyways first thing I took a bite out of was the pesto carbonara. was really good, especially with the bacon in there! The pesto sauce was great also and they gave a good amount of sauce for this dish. I then tried the cheesecake and is this cheesecake so good?!! While it's light and fluffy, it also had a great cheesecake flavor to it! This dessert came with cocoa and raspberry powder, which complimented well with the cheesecake. The green tea lava cake was really good too! The inside was moist and had a deliscious green tea filling, which just oozed out. And it came with a scoop of ice-cream. Yum! After my taro latte cooled down a little, I took a sip and was surprised at how good it was! The lattes also came with a really adorable gingerbread shortcake to dip with the lattes. Everything was just exceptional and the service was great. I can't wait to come back here!!! =))

  • *****

    I can honestly say this was not just any ordinary dessert spot. Pleasantly surprised doesn't even begin to describe this magical place. I was craving something sweet after a rather late dinner, I turned to yelp for help in discovering a place that's open past 9pm for a good pastry. My search led me to ganache and boy was my world rocked by their delicious apple tile, perfectly baked, perfectly topped and perfect in every other way possible it comes with some ice cream and a delectable creme anglaise that I could honestly bathe in, yeah it was THAT damn GOOD.

  • *****

    My best friend flew in from NorCal to celebrate my 23rd birthday with me. Every time she's in town we try to hit a new spot for dessert! We started yelping and stumbled upon ganache! It's a bit on the pricy side but it was totally worth it! It's dessert heaven!!!!

    Not only do they sell desserts, they also have pastas as entrees! After hitting some balls at the driving range, we decided to try this place out. I was a bit hungry so I ordered the chicken pesto pasta with sundries tomatoes. I am a big fan of pasta, so this dish was perfect. Not only were the flavors savory, the portion of the dish was perfect. Not too big, but at the same time, not too small! The chicken was tender and cooked perfectly and the pesto sauce was on point. The sun dried tomatoes were a bit chewy but they added a sweetness to the dish! I was very pleased with this dish overall.

    Aside from the entree, we ordered a sweet potato latte and a white chocolate mocha! The sweet potato latte was absolutely amazing! It wasn't too sweet and when you drink it, you can taste threads of sweet potatoes because they use the actual root in the drink! It's awesome because I don't have a big sweet tooth. And now we have the white chocolate mocha! It was heaven in a cup! It wasn't too sweet or too bitter. It was perfect for my liking! And with your hot drinks, you get two cute little human cookies ( that's what they are called). It's served fresh and hot. When you take a bite, the inside is chewy and delicious! It's a must try there!

    Finally, the desserts! We ordered the chocolate lava cake and the canon in D major! The chocolate lava cake just melts in your mouth. With the lava cake, you get a cup of strawberry with syrup and tapioca balls and a scoop of strawberry ice cream! When you cut into the cake, a raspberry chocolate syrup spills out! To get the best taste out of this dish, you have to eat the cake with the strawberry syrup and the strawberry ice cream at the same time! Mind blown! If you want more than just chocolate, I would definitely recommend the canon in D major! It's a earl grey tea chocolate cake! It's moist and light! You can taste the earl grey tea! It's pretty awesome! If you go there try it! It's a must!

    Aside from all the deliciousness, their presentation is on point. Each dish looks super classy and clean! You'll have to go and see for yourself. The service there was good too! The waitresses were helpful to us because it was out first time there. I will definitely go back again!

  • *****

    My friends brought me to try Ganache because they knew I love desserts and I'm glad they showed me this place.

    Ganache is run by a couple, both chefs, who are passionate about foods. The attention to details, plating, and presentation of the foods here are excellent.

    Cappuccino was great. Very foamy... nothing went wrong.

    The Hot Cocoa was very very special. Made with complete dark chocolate with no sugar added, the Hot Cocoa here is served with a piece of hard dark chocolate covering the top of the cup, so once they bring it to you... you get to watch the piece of hard chocolate melt into the cup right in front of your eyes. Visual wise, this was very neat. Taste wise, the hot chocolate was excellent. Not overwhelmingly sweet, heavy and very comforting to drink.

    The Crispy Apple Tiles (Ganache's version of Apple Pie) were great. This version of apple pie is thin and light on the filling yet it is every bit of enjoyable as a normal apple pie minus the guilt.

    When you order hot drinks, they bring you this little bite size cake piece that looks like a mini person. This came to us warm, buttery and delicious. Perfect with the cappuccino and hot cocoa mentioned above.

    The last dessert we tried was this Earl Grey Chocolate Moose Cake that won an international award in 2009. Again, great plating for visual enjoyment. Being an Earl Grey tea lover, I really enjoyed the fusion aspect of the Earl Grey with the chocolate. Pluses again for not being too sweet.

    It's a shame that this place only has 3.5 stars because I feel like a place like this that puts so much attention to plating, details, on top of executing great flavors would do very well in places like Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, or Santa Monica. I think people with high passion about foods would really enjoy this place. Whereas the clientele in San Gabriel would perhaps enjoy a more different type of dining (ie: dim sum, fast, efficient, less fancy Chinese food).

    Besides desserts, this place serves main course foods. My friends ordered their pasta and White Truffle Scallop risotto and the flavors of both dishes were really great. Since I dont eat meat, I took a taste sample of the carbohydrates from both dishes.

    We had no issue with the service and really enjoyed the experience.

  • *****

    Sometimes when I have a bad day, my boyfriend will take me to Ganache for desserts to cheer me up. It does make my day a little better actually because their desserts are just so yummy and leave me with a really content feeling. I have not tried their entrees but I have tried several of their desserts and drinks and I really like them for the most part. The chefs have won lots of awards in Hong Kong with their work. Service can be slow when it's packed but I've had good experiences with service so far.


    Out of all their desserts, I really recommend the Baileys chocolate cheesecake! It is way better than the truffle cake and is just so rich in flavor! I could eat it all day if I didn't feel guilty afterwards. The hazelnut chocolate to the side of the cake is heaven in earth. 5/5

    Their creme brle was alright, nothing that blew my mind or anything but it wasn't bad either. They used to torch it right in front of you but they didn't on our most recent visit. Bad accident maybe? 3.5/5

    Apple tile cake was something I was really eager to try because it looked so pretty. Comes with one scoop of vanilla ice cream for the 5 tile choice. It was a good amount of flaky and crispy and the apples were so thinly sliced. Try it! 4.5/5

    Truffle cake was a dessert I tried my first time at ganache over a year ago so I can't really say much but I just remember not liking it that much and never tried it again. Maybe because it was too dense for me? Not sure but try the baileys cheesecake instead! 3/5


    Affogato- $6 for a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a shot of espresso. I thought it was worth it because the shot of espresso was rich and so was the ice cream. I liked it enough to order it again on my last visit. 4.5/5

    Angry Bird- I think it was called this.. Anyways it was the drink with pineapple juice and a scoop of ice cream, very similar to Dole Whip from Disneyland. Very satisfying! 4.5/5

    You definitely MUST try Ganache out! I'm eager to try their gingerbread man looking cookies on my next visit and eventually want to try their molecular chocolate but maybe as a splurge because it doesn't sound as satisfying.

  • *****

    A cute little place with good service. The desserts were very tasty and visually pleasant. The chocolate lava cake and crme brule weren't too sweet and had a good balance. The cup of hazelnut latte was good and came with a picture of a bear, much credit to the barista's artistic talents.

  • *****

    Great desserts. Great drinks. Great service. Lightning fast internet. Yes, you will be seeing a lot of me.

    Tried the apple tile as well as the lava cake, both on different days. The apple tile was really light and crisp. Not too sweet, perfect dessert for those that don't have a big sweet tooth. Fresh apples layered on top with almond slices! :) Comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    The lava cake was amazing. Inside was a really rich raspberry ganache. Went perfectly with the cake itself. This is a little heavier, more for those with a sweet tooth. Perfect for sharing, in my opinion.

    Tried the green milk tea. It wasn't as milky as other places would make it, so I really enjoyed it. The sugar wasn't overpowering. It was a perfect mix of everything. Light and refreshing, just the way I like my tea. Tea + lightning fast internet made studying and researching for my paper so much more bearable.

    The prices here are a little bit on the higher side, but you buy the quality and the experience.

  • *****

    My friend and I came here the other day when we went on a bit of a food adventure. I'd been wanting to try this place for a while and oh man. It was good.

    We spent a bit of time looking at the menu, even though we were only there for desserts, but we did end up adding some drinks as well (:

    For drinks, we ordered the molecular foam specials they had. They're known for their molecular foam technique and I gotta say, it's quite odd. When you scoop it up, the density is almost like crystals of ice, but it'll melt in your mouth and disappear almost immediately once in your mouth. I had the passion fruit and my friend had the peach. The passion fruit was delish and subtle, perfect for all the cocksure desserts we were about to indulge! Make sure to drink all the yummy bits at the bottom. They're a bit hard to reach in the beginning, with the foam, but they're so good! Homeboy's drink was good too !

    For dessert, we had the molecular frozen chocolate (?). I think that was the name. In any case, it was a glass of chocolate made with their molecular method and it had sides of chocolate, almost like nougat, and mixed, sweetened berries. That was OK, but the dark chocolate truffle cake! OMG. That was heavenly!! Best cake I've ever had. Keep in mind, this cake had won international awards! It's the perfect balance of sweetness and it wasn't overwhelmingly chocolatey. It's seriously bomb. Go try it.

    Overall, the service was decent. With all the chocolate, I was surprised we never received water and our drinks came after the dessert, but it's OK because we were there for, mainly, the dessert. I'd good back just for that cake, but they also have other award-winning desserts as well. This place is definitely a hidden (to me) little gem!

  • *****

    Foods ok but the presentation was good!! Didn't get dessert but IMA come back for sure with a date n try there dessert...looks delishhh

  • *****

    Delicious drinks! We stopped in to get out of the heat and have a quiet coffee before dinner and found this place.

    We tried the Taro Latte which was amazing, given that it wasn't what I was expecting at all. (I don't like taro...) but this drink was yummy. I also had the iced latte and it was smooth and delicious.

    Now we want to try the desserts.

  • *****

    The pasta are pretty delicious, but the lava cake not as good as I expected.

  • *****

    I just noticed they have a huge menu, but I can only review on dessert. The first time I came here I was turned off because they would not let me take a lot of the desserts home even though we had a big order.

    Now I understand why...dessert making here is an art form. From the technique behind the scenes to the presentation on the plate.

    If you're looking for a drink:
    Sweet potato latte

    If you're looking for a little something to go with your drink:
    "Little men" I call it. Little warm,
    Buttery, cake men which kind of had a little mochiko taste to it.

    Full on Dessert:
    Molecular Cheesecake- light and airy, definitely an experience worth trying. (Don't expect your typical, heavy, rich cheesecake.)

    Chocolate lava cake- the one thing I always look for is does the chocolate ooze out?! Yes it did! The ice cream and berries were a nice balance to the hot, rich cake.

  • *****

    There are a lot of places to get a great dessert in order to fill the void of your stomach after being stuffed with a meal.

    Most places don't have gastronomic style desserts and even if they do, it's extremely expensive. Luckily for this place, I absolutely adore it and will continue to come by here. There are selections of different milk teas and beverages as well as a great selection of dessert plates and other dishes.

    I absolutely love the fact that they are very creative with what they do here. Though there is a beard papas and a half/half located within the same plaza, nothing will be as adventurous as this place.

    There are some cakes and small delights in front which causes my mouth to water every time. So if you are looking for something to rest your stomach after a heavy meal, this place is the place to be!

  • *****

    I went in to pick up a sweet treat for myself and saw something so delectable, I had to get it! (see picture)

    I got the Salted Caramel Cream Cup and as I'm eating it while typing this review, I couldn't be happier with my selection! The chocolate on top has a hit of coffee to it and below it is a bed of heavy whipped cream. Below that is a sprinkle of what seems like cake pieces and underneath is a pool of yumminess that has a consistency of mousse/pudding. There also some chocolate slices to surprise me with each bite! The flavor is not too sweet yet sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth!

    I have my eye on a tiramisu for next time!

  • *****

    Get your chocolate mustache here!!! My Dark hot chocolate had a thin sheet layer of quality chocolate that melted into the drink. I couldn't take the picture fast enough so it doesn't show the chocolate sitting on the mug. When you drink it, you get a chocolate mustache!

    We had walked by as we were going to dinner in the plaza and thought this would be a cute hang out spot that wouldn't be too crowded. As we walked in, we were greeted with an awesome case of goodies that looked soo cute!! Check out my pics! They had mah jong tiles (they looked very accurate), cute pink heart cookies, traditional Chinese NY treats, and some European pastries.

    We got a booth near the front and were also offered menus. They have some really cool unique dessert I've never heard of, molecular cheesecake? It's like cheesecake in foam format with some graham cracker crumbles and berry sauce, it was delish!!! I also got a sea salt caramel cream cup, so creamy and dreamy with the perfect flavor of savory caramel. MMMMMM

    Hunny got the large iced Royal Milk tea and he really liked it. It was pretty good balance of flavor and came in a huge glass.

    I loved the decor of the cafe, very clean, modern and classy. The parking structure is in the back so there are lots of spaces. It's located next to Tokyo Shabu Shabu in the same plaza as Half and Half.

    Service was good, the girl came to check up on us pretty often and was friendly.

    Hot drinks come with a small cookie shaped like a lil man. It was cute, but tasted greasy to me.

    I am very interested in some of the other desserts and would definitely give it another go!

  • *****

    Hopefully you're old enough to remember the Ludacris song of 2001 - "Roll Out." If not, it was basically a song about going out with your "bajangles" hanging out and being a boss. Anywho - if you use Yelp, Groupon, Living Social, or coupons (like your grand/parents do/did), then you'll know how hard it can sometime be to eat lavishly at affordable (discount/cheap/inexpensive) prices.

    At Ganache, feel free to throw away your inhibitions (but keep on your clothes - ain't nobody wanna see that :P) The story is a world renowned French pastry chef that came to America and wanted to show the awesomeness of affordable (yet delectable) treats! And that's what they do. They sell affordable French desserts that look a LOT more expensive than they actually cost. I came here with some friends from all across California for a get together, and we ordered one of every thing on the menu to share. DAMN. SO much goodness.

    They boast of a "chocolate air" which is literally a solid that immediately melts/disappears upon contact with your mouth. What other desserts are good? Try .. the "one of everything." No seriously, just try it all. So much win. :') I'll be back again soonnnn!

  • *****

    I'm a dessert fanatic.. I have those sweet tooth days and also days were I like to keep it light. I've tried all the dessert places that have come and go in the hood..not very many have left a deep impression. But this one is definitely a gem.

    First off, I like how the pastry chefs wear their uniforms..that usually means business...and this is what Ganache is all about.

    Good presentation compliments the good tastes. You can also tell they are passionate about dessert because each component of the dessert is so well thought out and flavors are nicely balanced.

    apple crisp - nice and crisp, not too sweet. Not your average MickyD's apple pie...

    creme brule - At first, when they set up a little stand behind us and placed my creme brulee on there, i was a little confused. We only ordered like two things, why so fancy. Then the pastry chef came out and seared my creme brulee and gave me a free show. LOL.

    My friend ordered a tea and it came with a little gingerman shaped biscuit. AMAZINg. So rich and I like how the cake is tight and not fluffy.

    Definitely need to come back to try the rest of their desserts. I noticed they had entrees on their menu, can't wait to try!

    All in all, though it's kind of small and hard to find seats but worth the wait. Of all the "westernized" dessert places that 626 has to offer, this place nailed it. I'm sold. Now lets just hope it stays in business.

    check out my pictures : )

  • *****

    Ganache Patisserie serves desserts and drinks with panache - flamboyance and confidence.

    Our party of 6 had widely mixed ratings of this small cafe which seem to mirror the ones on Yelp. It really appears to depend on what you order whether the dishes are worthy of the higher price-tag at Ganache.

    I tried 4 things. 3 were great. 1 wasn't. My math may not be right, but I'm a fan. 4-stars.

    By far, the favorite of the table just happened to be the drink I ordered: Taro Latte ($4.50 large). The large white cup delivers the distinctive flavor of taro with the creaminess of steamed milk. If you like taro, THIS is the 5-star drink to get. My wife got an equally creamy & warm Sweet Potato Latte (large $4.50) that was great (4-stars), but not as memorable as its taro cousin.

    Our friends tried the Late Harvest Chardonnay Champaign Jelly ($7.55) because it looks so yummy in the picture, however, it was a flop. The Lychee Foam and Mixed Fruit Compote just didn't work well together. One of my friends called it the "Jelly Disaster" for the rest of the night.

    Luckily, we got the Ganache Signature Crispy Apple Tile to share for the table. The large ($13.95) has 5 pieces and comes with a side of thick-n-creamy Vanilla Sauce and scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. The combination of Green Apples, Almonds, and Cream were truly a treat (4.5 stars).

    Others in our group tried the Coffee Shake (with fresh cream), a warm Caramel Latte, and a regular Cappuccino with most comments in the "ok" range.

    Parking is free in the building lot or on the street. Service was fine although it appears they can only make one warm drink at a time as each was served about 4 minutes apart. The place was packed on a Friday night, but no complaints about the service. The coolest discoveries were the monster-size forks and odd crooked spoons. Even the plates had strange shapes.

    Ganache met our needs for post-dinner coffee & dessert with friends. If I was more adventuresome or getting a cake to go, I'd definitely be tempted by one of the Angry Bird Cakes. The cutest cake in the display was a Sleeping Santa Cake, but my wife liked the Chanel handbag cake. I should get that for her because it'd still be cheaper than the real thing... and probably tastier.

    With Chinese and English prominent on the menu and service, Ganache Patisserie & Cafe is a neat place in Monterey Park to meet for a sweet treat.

  • *****

    If French inspired food is to your liking, this is a good place to check out. Perhaps the front may not be so noticeable, but the food was quite delicious indeed. The lunch special is a great value. They don't really advertise the lunch special in their menu, but any main course that you purchase, it is accompanied by a drink (most drinks on their regular menu of your choosing). These drinks alone can cost $2-$5. I had the lychee pineapple concoction with the exploding boba. It has my first time having this time of boba but it was so much better than the traditional boba. What is exploding boba? It is basically shaped like a tapioca ball, but the skin is really thin filled with delicious liquid inside. When you chomp on one of these balls, it explodes in your mouth.

    For the main course, I ordered their carbonara which is pasta with creamy sauce, bacon, and mushrooms. It was really good. It reminded me of when I was in Italy eating all that delicious food. The presentation of their food is phenomenal. You can tell that there is a significant amount of effort going into every dish and drink that they prepare. I believe the pasta was only $8 bucks before tax and included my drink. I am looking forward to coming back here again.

  • *****

    I happened to stumble upon this place when I was driving on Atlantic Blvd. A huge sign read "Ganache" was enough to lure me in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ganache! This place is known for their pretty desserts. As we all know a pretty dessert doesn't always taste good and vice versa. Here, you get the great flavor and the fancy presentation!

    The apple crisp and chocolate lava cake were suggested by our waitress. We also ordered a chocolate cheesecake and a few others. The cheesecake was my least favorite, but still good. The apple crisp is a must try! There are a many reviews about their desserts, so I'll go straight to the entrees.

    The carbonara was super yummy! This dish had large chunks of thick bacon that offered a perfect salty flavor! With a price of 7.95 and a free drink included, you get have plenty of funds leftover for dessert! The black truffle risotto was also super tasty but not worth the 17.95 price tag. The chicken pesto pasta was also tasty, but pesto sauce in general is just not for me. The spicy seafood pasta had a few pieces of seafood. Warning you now..their noodles seemed more like asian noodles instead of Italian pasta. This isn't a complaint and I kinda liked the consistency of the noodles, but if you're expecting pasta noodles, you won't like it.

    If you can't figure out which drink to get, then get the iced fruit tea, with bits and pieces of real fruit. Most drinks are free with purchase of an entree, but the special drinks like their signature hot chocolate and fruit juices are excluded. Next time, I'll try their hot chocolate, which is made of real dark chocolate. It's unsweetened but they give you sugar to add sweetness to it.

    Service was quick and friendly, just the way I like it. Oh and they make customizable cakes but it comes at a hefty price. Their designs are amazing and lifelike. Again....with amazingly equal beauty and taste in a cake, it's gonna cost you. Well worth it in my opinion...

  • *****

    We got the green tea w/ black sesame lava cake and the purple yam lava cake. Took 15 minutes to prepare but it's so worth the wait. Served with a small scope of vanilla icecream :)

  • *****

    This place is a gem hidden in SGV. I would never thought I would find a place like this in this area. One of my favorite dessert places in L.A. If they opened in Koreatown or the Westside they would make a killing.

  • *****

    Stopped by for lunch with folks from work.

    The Ribs were excellent. Meat fell off the bone. Didn't partake in the desserts, but coworkers said they were excellent. I will be coming back again.

  • *****

    I've had their chocolate lava cake before and it was ok. Just hoping they would have more flavors. And now they do, so we got purple yam and green tea! The wait for lava cake is about 15 to 20 mins. They were both delicious with vanilla ice cream on the side. But I personally would prefer green tea because it's more flavored than purple yam.

  • *****

    Potted plant milk tea is way better than anywheres in town. It is a hundred times better than Macchiato's on the same block. They've put a lot of effort in making sure their tea tastes right.
    I fly to LA from Dallas for their potted plant milk tea

  • *****

    I've come here a few times now, and the stuff is pretty good. Their pastas, coffee, hot chocolate, and apple strudel are all top notch. This place is super limited on seating though, so it's a hit or miss when you come in terms of how long you may have to wait or how long it will take your food to come. My visits here were always of no wait, so that's pretty good.

    The only con would be that obviously, the place is super small, and secondly, the parking lot in kinda eh...small Asian plaza. I highly recommend this place if you are blowing by Monterey Park.

  • *****

    I have been coming here for about a year many times with friends and family. This place is cute and very friendly service. So far everything I tried, it's great. My favorite is the cheesecake though. When you order the spicy, it's omg I'm going to kill someone spicy

  • *****

    Legit, this is my favorite dessert place! So far, I've been to this place four times and each time was better than the last! I've had the delicious pleasure of trying their purple yam lava cake, green tea lava cake, and the dark chocolate truffle cake! The first two are tied for first on my favorite list! The service is great and I love that it's open kind of late.

  • *****

    Stopped by for lunch. Salmon pasta is delicious regardless of small pieces of salmon, in stead of big piece. Lunch comes with free drink. So, it's consider reasons price for lunch. I will come back for sure. By the way, minimum for credit card is $20, though

  • *****

    Had red velvet lava cake omg its the best desert I ever had. The presentation is also very pretty.

  • *****

    Recently I've been on a green tea dessert kick, and this place really hits the spot with its lava cake.

    Food (4.5/5): If you get anything at all here, you have to get the green tea lava cake. It's cooked perfectly, and even though you might have to wait around 10 to 15 minutes to get it, it's definitely worth it. The melted green tea ganache slides right onto the plate when you cut into the cake, and the cake itself is cooked so that the outer portion is really fluffy. The dish also comes with vanilla ice cream and graham cracker crumbs. I could've done without the vanilla ice cream because when I ate it, I felt like the taste kinda overpowered the green tea.

    For any of you who have been to Spot dessert bar in NYC, this place's green tea lava cake is very comparable. I guess the price is a little steep ($10.50 including tax), but the dish itself is enough to share between two people.

    Environment (5/5): The inside is colorful and decorated well. It's a little on the smaller side, but we came at an off-time so it didn't take long to get seated. I love that this place is open late. A lot of dessert places tend to close on the earlier end, so I'm glad I can come here to satisfy my late-night sugar cravings hehe. Parking is in the back or on the street.

    Service (5/5): No complaints! Service was really friendly and attentive.

  • *****

    Came here twice in a week...first time I dropped by after dim sum for a Jasmine Green Milk Tea and a Lychee Special for my niece - both drinks were very good. The cashier was very nice and sweet.

    The second time I came with my boyfriend on New Years Eve - taking a break from walking around and waiting for the New Year Eve Fair on Garvey to open at 6pm. And this time I had a Molecular Lychee Special and shared a Fluffy Cheesecake with my boyfriend and he also got Affogato.

    The molecular Lychee Special was pretty good - a lot of stuff - crushed pineapple, popping boba, coconut and lychee jelly - the drink was topped with this creamy thick lychee-flavor foamy whip - which was the Molecular part of the drink. It was pretty delicious though I must say I would like to have less of the stuff and actually have more of the juice cause after awhile it was like eating instead of drinking the drink.

    The Fluffy cheesecake - I gotta admit was pretty amazing - it was very light and instead of having a regular graham cracker bottom of the cheesecake, it was crumbled on top and around the cheesecake. It was very interesting and I liked it cause it was so light, airy and creamy.

    My boyfriend liked the Affogato - a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice instead of putting cream and sugar - the vanilla ice cream acts as the sweetener and also gives it a more creamy texture.

    Their menu features a lot of "molecular" desserts - which are airy, fluffy and deconstructed. It's pretty good but they are pretty pricey. The food on their menu also sounds really good and my boyfriend suggested we come here again to try their food. The dishes do start at around 10 dollars per entree. I also love how they have many options of mocktails.

    The service was very nice and they were opened for pretty late. I would also love to receive or order a cake from here - the designs are so cute and I bet they can pretty much make anything- but it would probably cost a pretty penny since it looks like a lot of details go into their cakes.

    I gotta say this is one very awesome dessert/drink place.

  • *****

    I love to try new dessert places whenever I visit SoCal. This happened to be one of them :)

    Definitely not disappointed with this place, but it is on the pricey side. It reminds me of a fancy place to have high tea. It's nice inside with a row of couch seats on the wall and regular chairs on the other side. It's not a big restaurant but it's nice and has cute decorations.

    The sweet potato latte was my favoriteeee! It's made with actual sweet potato and there's threads of potato in the latte too. A little thick and kind of sweet, but it's because sweet potato is usually naturally sweet. White mocha was okay, nothing too impressive. Every drink comes with two cute butter cookies that taste like madeleines-- chewy texture on the outside and soft inside, mmmm so good!

    My best friend was kind of hungry so she ordered the chicken pesto pasta. It's reallllyyyy good. Very saucy, a little on the rich/creamy side. The sun dried tomatoes were a little chewy but chicken was good. It looks like a small proportion but it gets filling since it's so heavy.

    Now for the best part...desserts! Chocolate lava cake didn't impress me. Tastes like normal chocolate cake but it does come with some strawberry sauce on the side so that was nice. Canon in D was my favoriteeee. It's an earl grey chocolate cake and it taste exactly like it's suppose to, a nice earl grey tea taste with chocolate cake. It's not too sweet but not too bitter. Reminds me of what an earl grey macaroon would taste like.

    If I ever visit again and feel like splurging, I would like to come again to try other food and desserts :)

  • *****

    I've only had dessert here, so this review is only for the dessert and I loved the apple tiles. It's simple but very well executed - thin crispy layers of phyllo dough topped with apples and almonds and a light drizzle of vanilla. We also had the cheesecake, which is actually a deconstructed cheesecake, so more like the idea of a cheesecake, but done well and presented beautifully.

    With our lattes they include these delicious bite-sized cakes shaped like gingerbread men and it was buttery with a slight crisp on the outside and just delicious. We ordered a dozen to-go afterwards. However, I did not like my hot chocolate. The top layer had a delicious piece of dark rich chocolate melted on top, but the hot chocolate itself was very watery. Many of the dessert items are French inspired so I assume it was their take on the hot chocolate chaud, but it fell short.

    All said, I'm definitely a fan and will be back to try their other dessert items. They also serve food, so I may give it a try.

    The cafe is small, but has a few tables outside. Located in the same plaza as NBC Seafood, so parking can be difficult depending on time of day/night.

  • *****

    Great concept in the wrong location. (But it could be a good thing for you)

    Do you fancy gourmet desserts, delicately made with fine ingredients? Instead of going to a high-end restaurant, this dessert shop offers French style desserts for a fraction of the cost.

    The apple tile was one of my favorite. The ultra thin crisp was perfect in texture and flavor. Lightly sweet and sour from the apples. Be gentle, it's a delicate dish.

    I also tried the hot chocolate. It was very unique. It came out with a chocolate layer over the cup, which melted before your eyes! I'm not much of a hot chocolate person, but it was good.

    Another interesting dish was the "molecular cheese cake", which came out really light. Think marshmallow.

    This place is not for the hearty soul. It's about taste and technique in crafting these desserts. I think more people would appreciate it in Pasadena or DTLA, but the fact that it's located in MPK, you'll find a great deal here!

  • *****

    Man, where do I start, the pasta was AMAZING! The BEST seafood pasta I've EVER had. Their desserts are on the sweet side but still excellent. RECOMMEND

  • *****

    Great service and desserts. I tried the purple potatoe (yam) lava, and the black sesame green tea :D
    However, it's a little pricey for a small lava cake :(

  • *****

    I honestly thought there would be more variety of cakes but there werent too many. I was kinda appalled when I walked in because of its small size. I thought it would be a lot bigger but knowing theres half & half couple doors down, I figured it would be about the same size as them.

    When I walked in, there were only one table available. There were many people enjoying the dessert as well as their food. Since I already had dinner with my family I decided to just try their cake which was the reason I was here for. My boyfriend is literally dragged to all these dessert places I have bookmarked just because I like dessert so much. I know he doesnt like it much but I am thankful that he remembers and takes me there one by one.

    I only ordered two things. The grand opera cake and a royal milk tea. It took awhile to place an order due to only one girl working at the hall. I had to go get her from the kitchen to order. But either way, she was kind and polite.

    The cake was pretty good. It wasnt as moist as I wanted it to be but I loved that it wasnt too sweet because it was mostly made of dark chocolate. Even my boyfriend said he liked the bittersweet taste.

    The royal milk tea was a perfect pairing to my cake. The milk tea wasnt too sweet but rathet had more strong tea flavor to it which I love. My boyfriend and I enjoyed every sip of it.

    It was about $14 for them two without tips and I thought it wasnt too bad. I want to try the apple tiles and bite-size cakes next time.

  • *****

    The pasta is very flavorful and beautifully garnished, just wished there was more on the plate to eat but overall would come back again.

  • *****

    It's good food with excellent dessert! Just wish the price can be more reasonable ......I guess we are all spoiled by the 626 price hehe! We tried the pasta the risotto n the famous lava the raspberry lava n the pasta has its quality but I wouldn't order the big size lava cake again cause it lose its quality for the size. The hot chocolate with a piece of chocolate on top of the drink which you see it melt in front of you when you sip it's a nice touch. Overall good n service is acceptable for the most part but wish they are more attentive considering it's a place's price level

  • *****

    This is one of my favorite places in Monterey park now ! The pasta is great with many different flavor ! The textur is perfect it's not too soggy too heavy or too salty ! No msg prolly bc I don't feel heavy and nasty ! The dessert is to kill for ! Lava cake with the coffee is amazing ! Great service and staff ! Can't argue for more !

  • *****

    Love their apple tile. Crispy but not too sweet. Their pastas are very good also. Love their hot chocolate! I like the fact that their sweet things are not so sweet that they leave an after taste, so that's a big plus!

  • *****

    Hurray for lunch specials! A delicious pasta dish and a specialty drink for less than $8? Um why not? Usually lunch special places just come with a plain black or green tea, but Ganache has all these cute drinks like the Virgin Mint Mojito I ordered. Yum!

    I come with my mother a lot because it's close to her office and it's usually not busy during lunch hour like the other restaurants around Atlantic Blvd. She's even made friends with the waitress. The decor is very bright with large windows facing Atlantic and dainty wall decor and lighting. Seating is comfortable and the tables are a good distance between each other.

    The pasta dishes are really good I've tried the Smoked Salmon, Carbonara and the Pesto (pictured) one and they're all deliciously filling the perfect size for lunchtime. I've also had the Chocolate Lava Cake which is super moist and decadent.

  • *****

    Came here strictly for dessert. The place is small with a nice interior/decoration. The waitress and people working there are really nice and friendly.

    Creme Brulee: I love any type of custard dessert so of course I had to try their Creme Brulee. The burnt sugar on top was great. The custard was rich and creamy and the peanut brittle on the side was amazing!

    Chocolate Lava Cake: Came with a scoop of strawberry ice cream and some cooked berries. The chocolate came oozing out as soon as I ran my spoon into it. It wasn't overly sweet, which was great. It tasted a little bitter so I am guessing it is mostly dark chocolate. Pair it with the sweet ice cream and a little acidity from the berries, its a great combination.

  • *****

    The pasta here is amazing. We usually choose to eat Italian food either downtown or at Bolini's but if we only want good pasta, this is our preferred destination. Sauce is amazing, price is great, and dessert is second to none. Amazing little secret in Monterey Park.

    Pasta with their garlic cream sauce or pesto

  • *****

    TTP: 8 layer chocolate cake is fire. Two layers are invisible... in there somewhere- not joking. The side of Baileys cream was really good. I would recommend if you like chocolate you try it out. Utensils were weird as fuck.

    If you love chocolate then you should try this place it out. Now the girl working there was nice enough to give me a synopsis of who the owner was and the extensive amount of detail she put in her desserts, but on some real.... I forgot. Only because what I ate was so good I forgot what time it was and I had work in 15 minutes.

    She put me on game with the 8 layer chocolate cake. Apparently there are invisible layers which you can't see but only taste. I don't get it, but hey I'm not here to question the greatness of chocolate and all its splendors chocolatier's come up with. Not me. I just want a slice of some damn cake.

    Tasted as if I had never had good chocolate before. Even though I have I think it's been a whole since I've dug out some gourmet cake. This thing is rich. Like Oprah rich. Damn! But at $8 a slice I better have been impressed. The side of Baileys cream was good, real good. The only thing I did like were the fork and spoon. It was annoying using silverware that was made for hobbits (refer to photo). Yea did not dig that.

    They have a lot of detail going down here. It would probably do the place some justice to put out better descriptions online. Inside the store they have the whole drop, but there is no website. They may have done this on purpose, but I'm surprised this place hasn't blown up. It was dead when I was there.

  • *****

    Peach on the beach drink, molten lava cake & grand opera cake are the sweet treats or drink to enjoy here. All the pastries are delicious and even look good on display too. Good place to go for dessert after a date or a small group of friends. Ambiance is a little dark and the dim light gives it a romantic feeling so don't come here if you feel sleepy when you'll feel too relax that you may fall asleep. Cafe is nice and clean.

  • *****

    My beloved friend Angela has been raving about this gem, and today, she persuaded me to go get ganached with her.

    The parking situation is a bit confusing in the back of the plaza, it is dated afterall. The joint is nicely and tastefully decorated with head chef's creation and descriptions. Doesn't take a foodie to see the formal culinary training and the stringent standard she upholds. Menu has different selections of pastas, and supposedly dessert would knock your socks off.

    We order some pasta dishes, oh boy it took them forever. I would say we waited a minimum of 30 minutes for the food. I wish the staff could give patrons a heads up, because the food is worth the wait. The pesto is creamy with flawlessly cured bacon, and pasta is perfectly al dente. Garlic bread is right on the money. The dessert, the apple tile in particular, is amazing. The idea of making apple fritter into thin crisp bricks with the tanginess of granny smith apple, sweetness of the special condensed milk, and the icy twist of the rich vanilla ice cream, crunched with toasted almond, it is heavenly.

    You can taste the amazing ability of the chef, and her pursuit of perfection.

    Service: 3 -- remember, customer is always right
    Food: I would say 6 out of 5 if I can
    Creativity: 5 --amazing what they could do with food

    I would love to give them a 5 star rating, however, there was an incident with the table next to us, where the customer waiting too long and grew impatient, and had to pay for the food still and left with very unhappy experience. That, my friend, separate the good from the best restaurant. I will come back hungry, soon.

  • *****

    This place has a cute fancy shmancy hipstery elegant feel when you come in. Everything about the interior of the place is unique even when you look upon there menu!

    What I ordered:
    -Green tea red bean lava cake
    -Plant green milk tea with coconut geelee & boba

    The plant was really good! The waitress recommended to add the coconut geelee and it was perfect! And the Oreos added on top (which I mixed within my drink) tasted amazing! I love that Oreo taste to the milk tea! =)

    As for the lava cake, I was excited to cut into the cake with my spoon and watch it ooze out! Hence the name "lava cake" but turns out, nothing came out since there was red bean inside which had a thick consistency. What a sad lava cake. None of the less, it still tasted good to me which also had vanilla bean ice scream on the side!

    Will definitely be coming back to try their purple yam/red velvet lava cake and their food!

  • *****

    Granted, this isn't the cheapest dessert place in the area.
    But when you have a molten cake craving that needs to be satisfied, this will hit the spot.

    I came here on a nice, peaceful sunday night with my robot friend.
    We devoured a green tea molten lava cake.
    It was delicious.
    Green tea ooey gooey goodness, vanilla icecream to counter the sweetness, some sort of crumble underneath the icecream for texture (not really, but it was the thought that counted), and that little smear of chocolate for extra fanciness (;

    I dig the interior, modern, clean, casual.
    Had no idea that this place utilizes molecular gastronomy in some of their items, so I'll be back to try those out. (:

  • *****

    My Co worker and i wanted to eat shabu shabu on Atlantic blvd. The place was closed when we got there so we decided to stop and try ganache. Oh sweet Jesus. I wish I could be a food critic to describe the mambo that's happening in my mouth. The food is absolutely fantastic. Their specialty drink almost as good. The desserts are off the hook. You don't know who I am but please stop by.

  • *****

    I came here on a calm, slightly breezy, sunday night with my cat friend.

    We had the full intention of getting the green tea molten lava cake (and we did get it).

    My first impression was from my seated perspective, a simple dessert dish with three components: a cold sweet vanilla scoop, a molten lava cake, and a mint leaf. It all seemed pretty standard, the cold sweet vanilla ice cream complemented the lava cake's warm and dry green tea goodness and a refreshing mint leaf to chew on to become one with nature.

    But whilst taking a photo of this dish from a top-down angle, I realized that it was also meant to be a beautiful white flower with the vanilla as the flower, the mint leaves as the leaves, and the lava cake as .... something out of place and random (or not hehe). Perhaps I lack the artistic vision to accurately understand what I am seeing.

    Anywho, the lava cake was top notch. The vanilla scoop was caressed by a disc of condensed milk garnished with bread crumbs and the lava cake was topped with powdered sugar. Tell me that is not the personification of asia, sweets, and erupting volcanoes.

    By the way, $20 minimum charge to use a card. ;)

  • *****

    Went here for lunch right when it opened. I have been wanting to try this place after passing by it when I go to Macchiato right next door. This place has been known for their fancy deserts but recently, just added a few food items to their menu. We came for the lunch special which was to pick a pasta dish that didn't have a star next to it and you get a free drink. The free drink isn't just some simple green tea or light refresher. You can pick from their whole menu of coffees, teas, and "mocktails" (classic bar inspired drinks without the alchy). Also if you like you can upgrade your drink to a large for only an additional 50 cents. Not bad..

    My party was seated fairly promptly, we were concerned that it would be kinda packed due to the holiday weekend but.. there wasn't many people here. Our service here was great and very attentive so that's a plus. We all ordered from the lunch special and upgraded all of our drinks. After we ordered... the food did take some time to come out. I was surprised by the wait because there was only two parties next in the restaurant. I guess they are making it "fresh"?
    Our food came probably 15 minutes after we ordered.

    Creamy Garlic with meatballs:
    Pretty good with a strong garlic taste. They have these fried garlic slices that add great crispy texture to the noodles. One thing I did find interesting was the meat balls. I was expecting like large Italian meatballs but got these 4 little nuggets that taste almost exactly like ikea's meatballs. Not that I have a problem that but I just find it interesting that they may be using the same ones.

    Starberry Margarita Mocktail.
    It was ok.. a bit weird tasting. It was like the mixed strawberry fanta with some lime juice and added salt on the straw. I'll probably try something else next time.

    Overall, the dining experience was quite pleasant. My party enjoyed their pasta dishes and our service was great. What worries me is how fast this place can pump out food. I believe they do have good eats but the wait time can be killer if they have a full house. I'll be sure to stop by next time to try out their desserts.

  • *****

    The menu is amazing. This should be our third time going and the menu just gets better and better. I had the truffle scallop risotto and it was amazing. It is tough to get the risotto the correct consistency but Ganache did it. We also had the fluffy cheese cane which was light and u guessed it "fluffy". Not the traditional dense cheese cake and crust. Instead the cake part is foam like and the crust crust part is all powder. We also had their drinks and they were all good. We will come back to try more of them items.

  • *****

    Came in here for some dessert, and was greated by Christy, she helped us out with our cravings and gave us recommendations on what to try, I really wanted to try the bite size cake! They were the shape of gingerbread mans, so cute! She did tell us that they tasted better then gingerbread cookies. They tasted really sweet. Maybe could use some nutella on them, still tasted great, kinda reminded me of the holiday cookies. And we also tried the lava cake with ice cream on the side, tasted so great! The place is quite small, very cute though. Overall our food and service was great I didn't know they served main dishes like pasta, I didn't have a full appetite, but next time I'll try their pasta, when I saw other customers plates/bowl they were pretty cute! Kinda like a planet shape.

  • *****

    My life is complete... Green tea lava cake!! You heard right, I said green tea.

    I love anything green tea, so when I saw this on the menu, I had to order it. It came served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which paired perfectly with the cake. Once, I cut into the cake, a flow of green tea goodness flowed out just like lava. It was pricey, around $11, but definitely a good treat!

  • *****

    They have so many options of pasta and it tastes great though they come in with small portion. Not a big fan of the drink and lava cake, kinda too sweet to me. They also sell cute cartoon macaroons and other desserts.the environment is nice. We wait a bit to be seated outside and service is fine.

  • *****

    We don't come around this area often, but when we do we have to stop in Ganache Patisserie and grab an order of their buttery little cake bites, Creme brle and when it's in season, their strawberry smoothie. Their smoothies are literally made fresh. Their mango mousse cakes are also awesome and delicate in flavor.

    The cafe is very clean and they have the most awesome display case. You can stare at it for hours!

    Staff are always sweet & cordial.

  • *****

    My son loved the Garlic Creamy Seafood Pasta & I also got a Tiramisu. The pasta was flavorful, a good sized portion

  • *****

    High quality food inexpensively priced.

    Free drinks with meals for lunch on weekdays.

  • *****

    Cute little bakery. Ordered 3 dishes for 3 people.
    Great service. Place located in the half n half plaza on Atlantic blvd.

    Their food smelled delicious but was told not to order food there since it wasn't that great. Their dessert was impeccable. Yums.

    Will come back for more =3

  • *****

    The dessert here is not too sweet, and the boba milk tea here is just peefect. Exactly right amount of bitterness and sweetness.

  • *****

    So I was here a few nights ago and have to admit...the desserts are delicious. Some of the other reviewers are right though.

    1. It's pricey
    2. Strong garlic odor

    So you're not gonna get 85C bakery prices for dessert here but there's a difference in quality of ingredients. Maybe 85C isn't a good comparison bc Ganache isn't a franchise and do not offer such a large variety in baked goods but I'm just speaking about the cakes.

    Before you even step foot through the doors, you can smell the garlic, so I opted to sit ouside so i can enjoy all the sweetness that was about to ensue.
    I tried the Chocolate Lava cake which took a while but I didn't mind because it was superb. The vanilla bean ice cream was almost Gelato like and super good, especially with the richness of the cake and the hot, thick liquid dark chocolate that came oozing out...mmmm! Also had the Apple tiles. I think this may be my fave...perfectly crispy on the edges. Almonds on top were a nice touch. The vanilla sauce and ice cream paired really well with apple tiles.

    I'd like to come back to try their pasta and the green tea/red bean lava cake.....oh yeaaaa!

  • *****

    Came here for a dessert with my brother and got a green tea frappucino, green tea lava cake and the purple yam lava cake. Everything is just literally to die for!! The green tea frappucino is just way too good, the best frappucino I've ever had. The green tea lava cake, I was just so speechless on how good it was. I would definitely eat that piece everyday of my life. The purple yam was good too but I do prefer the green tea lava cake. I tried their chocolate lava cake before as well and it was superb. I would definitely recommend this place to those people who have sweet tooth like I do :)

  • *****

    Dude their taro latte here is PERFECT. It has a wonderful taro flavor but it's not too sweet. It's really the perfect amount of sweetness. I'm not usually a fan of taro, but this taro latte is the best taro drink I've ever had!

  • *****

    Server was really nice , dessert was super. Must try their Lava Cake, very eich with good quality chocolate. Latte was superb.

  • *****

    I love the pasta here! The portion looks small but the dish is deep so it is very filling. The presentation is beautiful. I was very happy both times I ate here, especially that the have a vegetarian section. The drinks I have had were delicious as well. I have yet to try a dessert, but I hope to soon!

  • *****

    I am a huge fan of consuming pasta, so I will probably be showing up again in the future. A majority of the menu are pasta entrees with a variety of flavors, I chose one of the creamy garlic selections, and the garlic was super strong. The plating was wonderful; you're in for a treat.

    DON'T LEAVE WITHOUT DESSERT. Try a lava cake! I tried the black sesame and it was great! Super different from the rest of the desserts in the area. The space is unfortunately kind of small, and the noise level is quite loud during busy hours. Definitely worth a try!

  • *****

    Actually I had been here couple times. I like their dessert and hot drinks. Cakes are very expensive.
    -parking: it was not that hard to look for a parking at night time but day time is a little bit tough.
    -environment: decorated with nice lamps and the seats are clean in red and white tables. On the wall, there's some information about their signature dessert lava cake and a little information about the owner and his or her passion about sweets.
    -services: girls who works there are nice and helpful too.
    -pasta: we had smoke salmon creamy source pasta. The texture of the pasta was ok, I can tell if the pasta fresh made or not. It's a little too salty to us, maybe the creamy source was too thick. The garlic on top was full of fresh garlic flavor which I like it.
    -the cold drink was ok, the glass looks tall and big, but the portion is not that much. All I've after couple drinks.
    We were originally ordered the purple yam lava, but was too full after the creamy pasta. We will save it for next time. I had the special latte before, it was good and I will come back for that next time.

  • *****

    Great dessert place! Loved their delicious chocolate molten lava cake, coupled with their cafe mocha. Cute bite size cakes. Their hot chocolate is a novelty- thin layer of chocolate on top of the hot cocoa cup, no need to mix or stir, just sip it slowly and you will taste the rich flavor. Awesome service. Clean and tidy. Plenty of parking available at the back.

  • *****


    Ganache is a cute little cafe/dessert house in SGV, in the same plaza as Half & Half, Hooshik, & Macchiato. They serve pasta, small bites, ribs, dessert, and what not. I specifically came here just for their lava cakes. It's a really small shop with a few table seatings, but I don't think it ever gets too busy here. This place kind of reminded me of a more Chinese style and tinier version of Cafe Concertto in K-Town/Arcadia.

    Anyway, I ordered the purple yam (ube?) lava cake and green tea lava cake. I also to-go'd their super rich and creamy chocolate lava cake and red velvet cake. Each lava cake comes with a side of vanilla ice cream. It has a beautiful presentation with chocolate smear on the plate and powdered sugar on top of the cake. My bf ordered the purple yam and honestly, that was by far my favorite. It wasn't too sweet; it was perfect. The outer part was crunchy and as you go in the middle it's very spongy and fluffy with the creamy filling inside. It also paired really well with the vanilla ice cream. My green tea lava cake wasn't bad either, it was a little bitter and waaay too sweet. I definitely needed the vanilla ice cream to balance the flavors out. As for the chocolate and red velvet, I'm not really sure and haven't tried it, because it was for my cousins so maybe next time. Overall, I'd definitely come back once in a while if I'm craving lava cake, but go for the purple yam if you don't like too much sweets. I thought it was the perfect amount of sweetness. It is quite pricy.... $10 each lava cake (pretty tiny but perfect for one person or sharing), but at the same time it's worth it.

    Also, service was great and attentive. The girl who served us was really sweet and attentive! She checked up on us every so often and helped me out with recommendations. I also ordered the little gingerbread cakes to go... which looked sooo good.

    Parking: there's plenty of parking in the lot/structure

  • *****

    Love their pastas. Their desserts are the bomb, a little pricey tho. I ordered the purple lava cake and it tasted just right, not too sweet Their drinks look beautiful.

  • *****

    Chocolate Lava Cake. Simply proof that the gods, the old and the new, love us and want us to be happy. Moreso that there is such a thing as green tea lava cake and purple yam lava cake. The green tea with black sesame filling though, is a bit convoluted in my opinion. The hot, gooey cakes work much better when singularly focused for the sublime.

    Very interesting concept and spot. Though, we haven't had any of the actual entrees, so can't comment for the food.

    Staff is friendly enough, but in my opinion, they seem understaffed at times.

  • *****

    Came with some friends for dessert before midnight. Had the raspberry lava cake, green tea lava cake, earl grey tea, and crispy apple tile. The service was a tad bit slow, but our server, Miu, was extremely accommodating and kind.

    The desserts were delicious. Tea wasn't over steeped, lava cakes were at an optimal temperature and texture, and the apple tile was a nice surprise.

    Would definitely come back here.

    Took one star off because it's honestly expensive for the portions. Still delicious and definitely worth checking out.

  • *****

    This place is not bad, I didn't really like the seating here though, overall it seems a little bit small to me. Me and my friend came here right after our dinner so we only ordered one drink and one the signature chocolate lava cake. My friend said the drink was just so so compare to other places. I quite like the cake, the display was nice and it wasn't too sweet. Overall we had a good time chilling there. I might go back there again next time.

  • *****

    I think everyone is complaining about the price. Although I am in agreement it is on the more expensive side, it is also relative. If this restaurant was in a different location with different demographics and competition, it would undoubtedly have higher rating.

    If I didn't consider price at all, this place is definitely excellent and a well deserved 4.8 star (... LoL). There is a lot of detail and care that does go isn't the food, perhaps people are missing it. Taste is definitely upper tier. Kind of a trendy environment to hang out with friends.

    The price and the new? waitress/service holds it back from a full score but I would be more generous with the rating simply because of all the detail that goes into the food (compared to other restaurants in the area). So a 5 to balance the rating from all the other subpar rating

  • *****

    My cousin introduced me to this nice little eatery. Upon entrance, I had high expectations...the place is nicely decorated with simple seating. Beware, the max seating inside is 20, so it's a small place that can fill up quickly. However, if you end up having to wait, it will be worth it.

    My cousin ordered their Carbanero Noodle w/Bacon & mushroom, level was very flavorful. I order one of the signature lava cakes: I had the green tea & black sesame lava. The cake was moist and the lava filling was warm and flavorful. The scoop of vanilla ice was good too, not sure if it is homemade or not...everything on the plate was not overly sweet which leads me to believe even the ice cream is homemade on site. I washed down my dessert with a caramel latte which was not overly sweet as well and they even placed a design/picture with the foam which added a nice touch to the experience. I would highly recommend this place to anyone and will be back to bring my father to try.

  • *****

    Desserts are great. Doesn't taste too sweet, made more for the Asian palette.

    Purple yam lava cake: a great amount of purple yam flavor, goes well with their vanilla ice cream.

    Air cheesecake: it's like eating cheese air. They use molecular gastronomy techniques for this dish and advise to eat it within 10 minutes of being served since the air can deflate. Novel idea but it's the type of dish to try it once and it's enough.

    Red velvet lava cake: the foam whipped cream is supposed to be the cheese frosting but I don't taste the cheese and I don't think it needs it. They should've paired it with a cheese ice cream but the cake itself was good.

    Only negative is the service can be iffy at times. No one is really there to greet you when you enter. You kind of have to poke your head around the counter to get their attention or just find a table and sit and wait for them to come.

  • *****

    Me and my BF always come here for their dessert. When it comes to dessert, MP area mostly has Asian style dessert (boba, tofu hua, egg tart,) I was super happy to know that there is one lava cake place opened and could not wait to try it.

    Not only chocolate flavor lava cake, this place also make green tea lava cake, raspberry lava cake and different flavors of lava cake. Their chocolate lava cake was delicious. The flavor of the cake is rich. Once you break it, the hot dark chocolate liquid just come out right away. It also came with vanilla ice cream, super refreshing. Mix the ice cream with the chocolate goodness. I just love how they made the chocolate cake so delicious. Make sure you order the tea to balance the sweet flavor of the chocolate cake. The hot drink also comes with one bite size cake. I love the buttery flavor of the cake.

    I saw people ordering their pasta and had a lot of leftover so I assume their main dish does not do as great job as their dessert. However, I will always come back here when I am craving for lava cake. Credit card limit $20!

  • *****

    My favorite thing to get is the little bite size cakes. It's so buttery and yummy.

    I got the garlic cream shrimp pasta. It's definitely very strong in the garlic flavor, which I love. Just be prepared and bring some gum.

    It's a little pricey, but not outrageous.

  • *****

    I remember coming here MANY years ago for dessert and wasn't very impressed by it and never really got around to coming back to try other items.
    Had the rare occasion of having a weekday off from work and came by with a friend because he said that they had really good lunch specials. Their special for the weekdays during lunch is that any entre comes with a free drink (from a selection) and you can upsize for 50 cents more. I ended up getting the Spicy Carbonara and upsizing the Royal Milk Tea. Our pastas came our quickly and looked and smelled amazing. My pasta was just a littttttle bit more al dente than I prefer but it wasn't too bad. The sauce was good and it was still unbelievable hot when it arrived so it was a lot better when I let it sit for a few moments.
    I got too full off my lunch that I didn't get a chance to have dessert. I'll have to come again to see if it's as good as the photos make it

  • *****

    Lava cake is their famous here. We try the dessert today and love it! Will come back to try more next time. Good job! chef Nicolas:)

  • *****

    Always a joy coming here; you get quality food and quality dessert from the same person, a rarity in the fine cuisine world.

  • *****

    As I entered I was greeted but my surprise was to see it empty , I thought I had made the wrong choice , but as they explain me the Lunch specials I decided to give it a try .

    The drink was really refreshing home made kind not sugary as the machine pre made ones, as I order my food I was able to smell the garlic cooking in the kitchen as they brought my food I confirmed the freshness of the food and tastiness love the place best lunch with lots of variety to choose for drinks and as I told the girl in the front it would be my best lunch if it will include a petite dessert.

  • *****

    Super good service, gorgeous & original desert designs and the place smells really delicious.
    Ordered lychee Mango foam drink, has a

  • *****

    My friend and I stopped by to this place for a dessert after our lunch. We ordered the green tea and red bean lava cake, latte, and super passion drink. The green tea and red bean cake is not sweet, which is what I like. However, it tastes best when eat it with ice cream and red bean. You can feel the cold and sweet from the ice cream and the red bean and the hot cake. It's delicious but expensive. The super passion fruit drink is refreshing ;).

  • *****

    The dessert is so tasty! Their lava cakes are wonderful! I also loved the sweet potato latte made with real potatoes.

  • *****

    I got a lunch special on last minute around 2pm. Lunch special : one pasta with one drink.
    It's less than $12.the price and food wins and worth.
    The Vegetarian pasta is really yummy, the source is creamy , the bread is crispy .
    The pasta can match with 5 stars hotel level .
    5 orders included drinks total costs about USD 60 + tips Good deal.

  • *****

    Rating is only for a to go order. Service is excellent. They have some interesting Asian based desserts that are made with quality ingredients. I ordered a seasonal black sesame lava cake to go--it was delicious--rich sesame flavor without the overpowering sweetness I encounter with many dessert places. It came with a side of ice cream. Also,I ordered their little specialty gingerbread men shaped cookies--they were made to order and also delicious! It did not have an overpowering sweetness yet it had a rich buttery moist almond flavor--even my 5 year old nephew liked it!

  • *****

    This place is probably best known for their desserts, however they do offer lots of pasta options if you are craving something savory. I wouldn't necessarily call their pasta "authentic" Italian pasta, but more Asian fusion with Italian influences. Aside from that, their pastas are pretty tasty and well seasoned. Desserts are great because they are not overly sweet, however I feel it's a little over priced. Parking may be a challenge because they share a parking lot with other businesses in the building. You can try to find street parking but it may be just as difficult if there is traffic.

  • *****

    This little cafe was a huge surprise for me.
    I tried this place in the Fall during my ongoing, insatiable quest for pumpkin lattes.

    The closest they seemed to have was sweet potato latte. Real sweet potato was used, judging by the taste and texture. It was subtley sweet and creamy. They also had a pretty impressive dessert menu. The boyfriend is a chocolate fiend, so we went with chocolate truffle cake.

    The plate presentation was beautiful. The spoons were whimsical in an Alice in Wonderland kind of way. In addition to the cake, we were given a cookie on the side. Everything tasted spot on. We had just eaten dinner upstairs, so we had to split our drink and dessert. I only wish I could have explored more of the menu.

  • *****

    I ordered the Plant Milk Tea and Crispy Apple Tile were delicious. The Apple Tile is crispy and not too sweet, very special dessert I had ever try.
    I would surely come back and suggest this place to friends and family ! And the service is good too!

  • *****

    Food (Dessert only): 5/5
    Service: 4/5
    Place: 5/5
    Recommend: YES!

    This place was so YUM! If you like chocolate, come here and enjoy there delicious choice of quality chocolate. I had there *Smores Chocolate Lava Cake, BOMB DIGGITY! Bunch of chocolatey melty goodness right there. The cake part was yum, ganache delicious, the marshmallow on top was cool, and ice cream & gram crakers good. Also had there *hot chocolate, yummy chocolate heaven! & they put a thin ganache flower over the top of the mug AND IT MELTS right then & there, SO COOL! My friend had a *truffle cake, it was really yummy too. Once again, I love their quality of chocolate!!! (I am picky with chocolate) That's all I had, I can't review for anything else but the dessert & drinks. But so good!!! *Service was very nice as well, and the interior look of the place is so trendy & pretty.

  • *****

    I go here whenever I want to eat some fancy sweets. Amy greeted us the last time we went and she is so sweet! She has a really nice voice and gentle demeanor. Everytime I come here I always order some type of lava cake. This time I tried smores lava cake and it didn't disappoint. I ordered the iced cocoa and it wasn't as sweet as I expected. Lava cakes tend to be a tad sweeter than what I'm used to (and I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so that's saying something), so you might want to share it with someone. Definitely coming back!

  • *****

    Wow ~ What delicious food and excellent dessert here at Ganache!

    The chefs here are from Hong Kong's famous Peninsula Hotel and Hyatt Regency. For the quality of the food and dessert... their prices is a steal!

    Ganache may be famous for their dessert, but we were pleasantly surprised by their great dinner dishes! Everything is absolutely delicious! We had a large party today and we ordered the following... everything was absolutely delicious!!!

    It is important to note that often times, you have pasta dishes and they may come out hot, but 5 mins into the meal, the pasta turns cold or barely room
    temperature. But the pasta dishes at Ganache stayed hot throughout the entire time i was eating it... this is a classic sign of pasta cooked fresh and cooked right. An important distinguishing factor from good to GREAT pasta!

    * Spicy meatball with spaghetti ... very good. I ordered spicy and the dish came spicy. Spaghetti were cooked El Dante and meatballs were delicious.
    * Miso clam with pasta -- excellent flavor with pasta well seasoned with a mild to medium miso flavor. The miso did not over-power the noodle or clam but served as a nice complex flavor added to the dish. very good.
    * Salmon with pasta -- nicely seasoned with excellent El Dante spaghetti
    * Ribs with mashed potatoes - one of my favorite dish here
    * Latte with their special foam. Oh the foam!!! Forget the meal and bring me more foam please!!
    * Their foam dessert (not official name)
    * Triple chocolate mousse lava cake. Oh. so. good.

    What a great experience @ Ganache!! We'll be back for sure!

  • *****

    I order the Carbonara with light sauce and it was SOOOOOO GOOODDDDD. This place is super underrated and people should definitely try it. They have really good drinks and lava cakes as well! They have these adorable bite sized cakes that are human shaped. REALLY GOOD! My mom had a pesto carbonara (which was also really good!) and escargot. I'm not a big fan but the mash potatoes that came with it was really goooodddddd!!!! The service is also really good and all the servers are really nice! The caf is also extremely clean and has a cute but simple decor.

    Greatly recommended if you like pasta and desserts! Hope this helps

  • *****

    Came here for their assorted lava cakes and was not disappointed at all, we tried the taro and green tea lava cake and they were both superb....beautifully decorated and delicious filled with oozing flavor, they also had very cute desserts in the display case like Disney macaroons

  • *****

    Finally tried this place and loved it!!

    You can't tell from the Yelp picks but they actually have an extensive menu of different pastas. I tried Japanese Miso and Korean Miso pasta. Definitely liked the Japanese one better but maybe I'm biased. Whoever invented "seaweed on pasta" ( actually really popular in Japan) is a genius.....Korean Miso on the other hand was too rich for my liking.

    We had the Apple tile and the Green tea sesame lava cake for dessert. The Apple tile was the bomb and the coffee was delicious!

    The best of all was the bite size cake that came with the hot drinks.... it tastes amazing when you dip in coffee!! Now I'm hooked and regretting not having to buy some to go :(

    Definitely coming back for more pasta, dessert, and the coffee & cake!!

  • *****

    Coming here for lunch is definitely worth it! You can chose from a wide variety of drinks to go with your meal for free.

    The interior of this restaurant is small, but the owners seem to have a knack for making the most of what they have. The tables are a bit small, but interior decor is simple but pleasing. Menus are high in quality, have short descriptions about the items scattered across logically, and have professional pictures to match.

    Food: The bulk of the food here consists of pasta in different sauces. I appreciate the variety, from pesto, chunky tomato, and original carbonaras to black truffle, Korean kimchi and miso, and more! There's bound to be a safe/unique choice of your liking. I got the Kimchi sausage pasta, while my friend got the Papri sausage pasta. Hers came as angel hair, which was a bit overcooked and too soft for my liking, but the flavors were bold and satisfying. My kimchi pasta was spaghetti-style, cooked al dente and well. I wasn't expecting such a spicy (you could ask for mild/adjust the level), soup-like sauce, but it was definitely to my liking. The broth was spicy and had a strong kimchi flavor without being heavy, while the sausages complemented the flavor and gave it the kick it needed. Kudos for having detailed presentation as well, with nice plating.

    The drinks were included in the price for lunch, and adding 50 cents gives you a large size. A pretty good deal in my book! I got the mango curacao from the "Le Bleu" section. It was very appealing and unique, but be sure to mix the mango on the bottom before drinking! Otherwise it just tastes like a fancy soda lol. Not nearly as tasty as it looks, but it's not bad. My friend's virgin mojito was a bit too sour for both of our liking, and I love sour things... I think if there was less juice or more sugar, it would've made a really nice, refreshing drink.

    Even with the lunch special, I ended up paying ~$15 per person, which I understand isn't exactly cheap. However, I appreciate the attention to detail this restaurant provides, and it's a nice place to be mildly fancy without going overboard. I can't speak for the desserts that Ganache is known for, but I have heard good things. If you're on a tight budget, then maybe save this for another day, but otherwise, I came away quite impressed!

  • *****

    As I entered I was greeted but my surprise was to see it empty , I thought I had made the wrong choice , but as they explain me the Lucy specials I decided to give it a try .

    The drink was rally refreshing home made kind not sugary as the machine pre made ones, as I order my food I was able to smell the garlic cooking in the kitchen as they brought my food I confirm the freshness of the food and tastiness love the place best lunch with lots of variety to choose for drinks and as I told the girl in the front it would be my best lunch if it will include a petite dessert.

  • *****

    OMG you can't beat the $7.99 weekday lunch deal they have going on! It includes any pasta and drink of your choice!

    I've tried pasta from almost every category, and the Creamy Garlic (with toasted garlic flakes on top--yum!) and Italian Tomato are the most flavorful and delicious. (I've attached photos of other pastas I tried today that I didn't enjoy as much).

    For appetizers, the escargot is pretty tasty. If you love garlic and butter, then you can't go wrong with this!

    All the drinks are great, but I usually opt for the Mojito (virgin). It's a playful twist on your typical alcoholic beverage using juices, syrup and club soda. Their lattes are on point too!

    I haven't tried as many of their desserts, but I recommend the Smores Lava Cake. The dark chocolate lava cake is rich but not too sweet, and the toasted marshmallow on top is heaven!

    There aren't a ton of great Italian options in MPK, so come here to satisfy your pasta cravings!

    **If you're in a rush for lunch, come early (before 12) because it can get packed and the kitchen can be slow.

  • *****

    Ganache has turned around my otherwise uneventful Saturday. I don't have plans this weekend except lounging at home recovering from my new eyebrows & eyeliners tattoo.

    The procedures turn up so well, good enough that the tattoo artist & I decide to check out Ganache.

    Everything goes accordingly, lots of traffic, little tight spots for parking. Average ok greetings and standard SGV F&B settings.

    The game changer is their extensive menu delightfully introduced by our server. She brightening us up at an instant. We giggling like little kids when our first dishes arrived.

    Love the plate they use for our salmon spaghetti. Petit portion draws my appetite! Then I realize the middle part of the plate is actually very deep as I can sink the fork deeper and deeper, like its bottomless. The dimple design of the plate ware, keeps the sauce & the pasta warm.

    Desserts arrive briefly when we are done with the pasta and plates are collected. The lady suggests drizzling some condensed milk over the ice cream to get the sensations of hot and cold contemplating each other. I gaze at this dish, thinly sliced apple neatly resting on the warm crispy pastry. After a 5 days work week and 2 bad dates; it's pretty therapeutic fixating at this dish.

    They also bring out little persons to accompany the cappuccino. Bring them home to party! It comes in 4, 8 & 12.

    The purple yam, a very popular food item among Hong Kong girls is featured at Ganache as a lava cake. With my OCD, I find myself making a few fake laugh seeing the purple yam oozing out from the cake.

    Overall, Ganache sharp execution of their dishes, seamlessly presenting them to our table at the right moment; plus their know how of table etiquette will earn my second visit in the near future.